Ummmm chocolate…….

Okay REALLY!! ….. Pizza Hut needs to get that new commerical off the air! I’m starting to dream about that pizza bowl and the chocolate lava cake……… closely followed by the Wendy’s BBQ chicken wings. I WANT JUNK FOOD!! I WANT a LOT of it!! M&M’s, pizza, chicken wings and chocolate lava cake!!!!!!!! But here I sit with a Yoplait peach frozen whip and a large bottle of water. It’s good you’all are here to keep me honest otherwise…………


  • Kate Sarsfield

    That picture reminds me of when we were little and ‘helping’ Mum to bake. She always made up strip to our underwear first then we could lick the bowl and straight into the bath or sink! Clever Mum!

  • Rosie

    boy oh boy I can relate to how you feel! I feel so good about eating healthy, but please do not put too much temptation in front of me, because I know how good that bad stuff tastes. If you start looking at it, whatever healthy thing you are chomping on starts to taste like sawdust!

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