Unique Heat Portable Space Heater Review #UniqueHeat

Several years ago we built on to our home, adding a Granny Flat for my Mom. It’s been awesome!! She has her own kitchen, bathroom and enclosed patio. We thought of everything….. Well, I thought we had. In hindsight we should have added her own heater. When it’s cold and The Husband and I turn on the furnace it’s stifling hot in the main part of the house before it really reaches her. We tried everything from closing all of our vents except the family room where we hang out but that didn’t help. We started shopping for space heaters but my Mom has a very curios cat and 3 young Great Grandkids. We were really afraid that either the cat or one of the kids would get hurt. So instead Mom got electric throws and electric blankets.

You can imagine how excited (yet a little apprehensive) I was to be offered a chance to review a portable space heater that doesn’t get hot! Wait what? It’s a heater! How can a heater heat the room and NOT get hot?

UniqueHeatThis Unique Heat Infrared Heater is small. It lightweight and yet it’s powerful!! It warms up to 1000 square feet so Mom’s 600 square foot apartment is no problem.

This portable space heater weighs in at 15 pounds so it doesn’t pose a problem if my Mom wants or needs to move it around. The size is great as well; 11.25” long and 15” wide. The unit is 9.5” high. Perfect for someone without a lot of space.  The unit plugs in with a very heavy duty 6 foot long, 3 prong cable.




On the top has a digital read out and buttons to turn the unit on. The control panel with LCD panel has power, timer, purifier and a quiet setting. The air enters from the back of the heater; there is a thumbscrew so you can easily remove air filter so you can clean it.

The bottom of the heater has four rubber textured feet there to keep the heater in place and protect your flooring or table top.

imageAlso included is a remote control which allows you to turn the unit on and off and change the heat settings! The remote control is 3.25” x 1.5” and has buttons for power, quiet, timer, temperature setting and purifier.

The front of the heater sports a unique black wood grain finish and under that is the heater exit vent. The vent; while it looks small at 8.5” by 2.5” it still puts out a ton of heat!! The front of this vent does have a protective grill so the cats paws and curious children can’t touch it or push things in!!

When you turn on the heater you can immediately see the reddish-orange light come on and it immediately starts sending out warm air. The first couple of times we used the unit there was a strong smell; however after a few times the smell is completely gone.

The heater goes through a cool down before it turns off, which is a nice feature.

The heater has settings from 0 to 20. It also has settings to run for 1 hour up to 12 hours. Mom uses the heat setting of 11; heat up to 20 is just too warm. Who knew we could actually get Mom’s place too warm??

The heater comes excellently packaged and protected. Packed in plenty of Styrofoam; the heater arrived without a single ding or dent. Everything you need is inside, the heather, remote control and user guide.


Comfortable Non-Drying Warmth: Thanks to advanced infrared technology, your Unique Heat Portable Heater keeps your living space wonderfully warm without drying out the air. Great for sinus sufferers!

Heats Up to 1,000 Square Feet: Don’t be fooled by its compact size. This portable powerhouse provides enough cozy warmth to safely heat multiple rooms. Yet it never gets hot to the touch!

Warms You, Not Your Ceiling: Unlike ordinary heaters, your Unique Heat unit won’t send heat straight up into the stratosphere. You & your family will feel the full benefit of its comforting warmth.

Simple to Use: With its handy remote & digital dial, this heater is a breeze to operate. With convenient carrying handles, it’s also easy to tote anywhere.

Easy 30-Day Returns: If you’re not thrilled with your Unique Heat Infrared Heater, send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

There is an optional HEPA air purifier that you can get for this heater. I believe you have to go through the company directly.


Not a single whine from us. This Unique Heat Portable Space Heater with Infrared Heat Technology warms Mom’s apartment quickly, quietly and safely. The heater itself never gets hot to the touch, but easily warms the entire room!!  I couldn’t be more impressed if I tried. My Mom tells me every single day how much she loves this heater.



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