Verilux Solar Flashlight Review & Giveaway!

If you are a regular here you already know that I am a huge Verilux fan. These guys KNOW their lights!! This Verilux Readylight Solar Flashlight is no exception. I was thrilled that this flashlight arrived in time for our recent camping trip.

You’re gonna love it if you’re a camper! It puts off a lot of bright white light. It’s an excellent addition to your camping supply kit.

I’m excited about adding this little guy to our earthquake kit as well. Heck, it’s a perfect flashlight in general!! Not just solar-powered but it has battery back up as well. Perfect for in the house, car or camping!

I love the handle of this flashlight it has finger grips, it’s truly comfortable to hold.

Easy on and off button on the side.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the handle with the carabiner type opening so it’s easy to hang on the side of the tent so it’s in easy access. It also attaches easily to my backpack!

The flashlight is made of heavy-duty white plastic with gray accents.

A feature that I truly love is the green band around the top of the flashlight GLOWS green making it super easy to find. Now, don’t panic it doesn’t glow 24/7. Just for a short time.

You’re never gonna get caught in the dark with this amazing Verilux ReadyLight Solar rechargeable flashlight!! This flashlight includes six super bright LED bulbs. Additionally the NiMH battery pack powers up in the sun, outdoors or even just placed in your window sill!! Powered by the sun you have up to four hours of Natural Spectrum light when you need it!! Whether you are camping or just using this flashlight for emergencies.


This solar, rechargeable flashlight draws its power from the sun, so you don’t have to worry about bringing batteries with you to summer camp. The ideal companion for outdoor adventures or just finding your way around the cabins at night, this flashlight is ready to go when you are.

– Charge on a window sill, dashboard or outside for up to four hours of continuous light.
– Durable, shock-resistant solar panel never needs replacing.
– Six super-bright LED bulbs provide more than 2.5 times the light output of conventional flashlights and projects a wider beam
– Powered by an environmentally friendly rechargeable NiMH battery pack.
– Rugged ABS* body and water-resistant design provide protection from drops or water damage.
– Night Glow Strip around the lens allows you to find your ReadyLight, even in total darkness
– Carabiner-style hook attaches easily to backpacks or belt loops.
– Have one or more handy for dependable, bright light during power outages. Keep one in the car, too.

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Nope. Not a single one. Comfortable to hold. LONG battery life with the solar. This flashlight provided plenty of light the entire camping trip.


One lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their own Verilux Readylight Solar rechargeable Flashlight. Good Luck!!



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