Virtual Baby Shower!!

So I thought I would do a quick up date on my “back the truck up in the driveaway ‘win’.”  I decided to start 2012 at least a little less stress. December 31, 2011 I sent Christy at Sweet Posh Baby an email telling her I give up. I am not going to try and get the rest of my win. I wished her and her family well. I’m done.
Wellllllll…. from the beginning I knew something fishy was up.  I was reading emails on July 28 see the story below… I was over the moooon excited!! Now I enter a LOT of giveaways I know you only have a certain amount of days to claim your win… well this was A HUGE win I wasn’t takin’ any chances! I immediately responded on Facebook.  WOOO HOOO!  Christy’s response was “did you get an email from me?”  Ummm no … other than the blog update I get from you when you update your blog.  Then nothing.  No emails.  No nothing.  So I waited a few weeks.  Nothing.  Several items have personalization so I would think I would be contacted via email first?  Then I started writing to Christy.  Nothing.  So I posted on her Facebook page and that entry was deleted.  Ummmmm not so excited anymore. So I asked fellow bloggers what they would do.  Everyone said “start writing to the companies”.  So I picked a few and started writing.  The companies were AMAZING!!  (I wrote thank you blog posts with their products as a thank you).  A few exceptions the lullaby people said they would contact Christy and then get back to me.  I never heard back from them.  The WubbaNub representative basically called me a liar and if I had won they would have sent it to me.  (ohhhh okay maybe I worded that email wrong?!) Each company had no idea I had won. They all acknowledged being a part of the giveaway but had never been given the winners information. They were WONDERFUL to me!!  Some said they would contact Christy……. who…… NOW all of a sudden now writes to me (in September The GIVEAWAY ended in APRIL) asking me where I was on my wins. What have I received to date.  I sent a list.  As a matter of fact I sent a weekly update. I figured AWESOME my wins will start coming in!!  WOO HOO!!  Excited all over again.  Righhhhhhhttttt!!  NOT!!  So January 10, 2012 I give up.  I’m done stressing about it.  Hopefully whoever get’s the goodies enjoys them!!
For the record Christy never even acknowledged the last email either.

Virtual Baby Shower Mega Swag Giveaway

I found a really great giveaway! Click the red title to go enter. Mandatory Entry is super easy.  Subscribe to Sweet Posh Baby newsletters via email. There are tons of other ways to get extra entries. But you know it only takes one entry to win!
Baby Banz Bucket Hat & Banz Sunglasses Combo $27
Baby Bond Nursing (your choice) {US & CAN} $35
Bella B baby gift set $25
Bokoo Covers Car Seat (your choice incl embroidery) {US & CAN} $79
Butt Naked Baby gift set
Calm The Crazy Kikou {US & CAN} $46
Cherry Moon Farms gift certificate $50
Couture Decor Personalized Drawing $75
Ergobaby Carrier {US &CAN} $130
Ma Mi Skincare Sample Kit $5
Mommy Jingles online music class for moms w/babies or toddlers {US & CAN} $197
Natursutten Teether $12
One Year To An Organized Life With Baby {US &CAN} $17
Playtex Drop-Ins Premium Nursers, s/2 {US ONLY} up to $13.50
Rhoost Childproofing Kit $33
Serif CraftArtist Baby Photos {US & CAN} $30
SkinMD Natural, 4 oz {US & CAN} $18
Stork Tunes CD
Sweet Arts Design 11×14 Personalized Print $17
Tag-A-Long $10
Tiny Love Jungle Park Activity Gym $70
Tommee Tippee Explora Li’l sippee flip top straw cups 2 pk {US ONLY} $8
WubbaNub $13

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