Vital Nutrients!!

The world of nutrition and diet science seems to be changing day by day. What claims to work one day doesn’t the next, and every new craze is met with a heavy dose of skepticism by those who’ve seen these changes time and time again. Information keeps changing because scientists still don’t have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the human digestion system, but there are a lot of things they do know. For instance, we know from studies that certain vitamins and minerals are essential for the proper functioning of the body. A recent study from the North American Menopause Society showed that calcium and vitamin D promote growth of hormones that help bones grow. This is an essential finding for women of an older age who suffer from debilitating conditions like osteoporosis. While it’s still difficult to determine exactly how much of each substance everyone needs to gain optimum health, we do know that certain vitamins and minerals serve very important functions. Vital Nutrients supplements provide a way for people to obtain important nutrients if they aren’t getting them through their normal food intake. Considering the quality of your average diet in the modern processed world, that is probably a lot of people. Packaged goods are typically drained of nutritional value in order to lengthen shelf life. Access to affordable fresh fruits, vegetables and sources of protein can be difficult for people who live in food deserts. Supplements are a way to make up the difference.

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