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Vtin Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

I was recently able to review the Vtin Relaxer mini water-resistant portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker. I wanted a Bluetooth shower speaker for some time now to better hear my morning pod casts while in the shower without having to crank up the home stereo. The Vtin showed up in great packaging, the unit itself is simple in style boasting a small LCD display with a ring of rubber buttons around it. Pairing the unit to my iPhone was an absolute breeze; power the unit up by holding the power button for a second or two, search for the device from your phone, select it, and your all done! I was very content with the sound playing my morning sports podcast, actually pretty impressed to the point I thought I’d stream some Pandora music to it. I didn’t expect this little shower speaker to put out as much sound as it did! I moved the speaker around a couple different places in the shower, it now stays close to a corner where the bass response is very surprising and keeps up with the treble that was a bit sharp in the original location. While I did not expect super hi fidelity and perfect sound imaging from a shower speaker it certainly has proven to be better than anyone needs in the shower. I also really like that it has a display with a clock and volume level indicator. Voice confirmation of Bluetooth pairing and power on/off is nice too.

The Vtin automatically links up to my phone when powered up and plays the last selected source which 99% of the time is my Pandora app once you press the play button, I could not ask for anything easier.


My only whine with the unit is it appears to default to a high volume, about a click or two below full volume, not a big deal as all I have to do is press the back track button a couple of times (quick press for volume, long press for track selection)

While the Vtin unit does have Bluetooth hands free-calling and a built in microphone, I have not tested this feature. I’m pretty sure nobody wants to hear from me while in the shower. I am however waiting for a telemarketer to call while I’m in the shower, then I’ll test that feature.

Even though the Vtin has made me realize how bad my singing is in the shower I still highly recommend the speaker to everyone! Great little unit that sounds good and is easy to use for not a lot of money, you just can’t ask for more!



Written by my son Zac, a regular contributor here on PBnWhine. Zachary is a sound specialist at Pro Custom Camp Pendleton. He knows his music!


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