Want it!!!

I have a new granddaughter!!  Yea… I know you know… I just like to remind you. I also like to announce it in elevators….. oh and mail man knows, the people at PetSmart and 4 people at McDonalds that I’m pretty sure didn’t understand a word of English now know!!! So really?? Be prepared to hear about Alice a LOT!!  I should just change the blog name to Peanut Butter and Alice. Heyyyyyyy I LIKE THAT!!! This picture has me crackin’ UP!!! It looks like she is thinking she’s had her picture taken too many times already???  Ohhhhhh little sweet pea….. you have NO IDEA how many pictures are in store for you!!!!

So that brings me to the next point…… I want to win THIS for Alice.  HOW adorable is this Eddie Bauer’s play yard (although HOW is it a play yard? it’s a playpen.  I guess that must be a tell tale for my age…. it’s not a PEN it’s a yard!?!?  Naaaaa it’s still a baby cage.  But I SO SO SO want this one!!  Someone buy it for me and just send it out to me please?!!? 
Orrrrr you could go over to Shining 2 Save and enter her giveaway.   

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