Wedding Update!! 8 Days And Counting!

Y’all know that our oldest daughter Selena is getting married on Sunday June 28th. So we did a quick fitting of the wedding dresses  for the 3 Grandkids. WHICH I thought once again, I would FINALLY get my photograph of all three kids smiling at the camera at ONE TIME. JUST one people! I JUST WANT ONE!!! (a year! Let’s not get crazy!)
So I thought I would share some pictures today. Now mind you the little tattoos will be gone (I HOPE!! MAN this set has lasted wayyyyy to long!!) The hair will be styled (Will it stay styled? WHO KNOWS!!) I even promise to take the price tags off!!

Needless to say…. still can’t get my shot!! Which one of you is a PhotoShop genius??? I’m gonna have to have the picture created for me!!


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