Week 6

Here is my weekly blah blah blah post. I did really good with exercise. Walked every weekday with Kaki. In my weighted vest. Added 3 different evenings with a Jillian Michael’s exercise DVD. Made much better food choices. Lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and grilled chicken. (Finally that big Costco size bag of baked potato chips are gone too. THANK HEAVENS!!!)

Now the drum roll…………….. down 3 pounds! So total weight-loss is 9 pounds. I have to keep reminding myself ’slow weight loss is better for you!’ but MAN I would love to just wake up at my goal weight I mean really …. why not? I’ve learned my lesson… I’ll eat healthy, I’ll exercise and just because I’m stressed doesn’t mean I’ll feel better after I eat a one pound bag of M&M’s … soooo what are the chances I’ll wake up skinny??

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