Westside Boards Surf Board Growth charts!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh WATCH OUT today!!  You know how I get when I am super excited about something….. (insert giddy dance… jazz hands… jumping up and down)   
First Thank YOU to Esther over at Buy Modern Baby Blog and Adam over at Westside Boards
I won a growth chart for baby Alice.  
The little growth chart is AMAZING!!!!!!!  It’s a SURF BOARD!!!  I know!!!  I know… stop yelling at you…. but it’s SO perfect!!!  Now if you have ever been on a surf board… or held a surf board you would know just how amazing and PERFECT this board is!!!!  Oh my gosh!!  It’s the cutest growth chart I’ve ever seen!  I AM over the moon beyond excited about this growth chart!!  The workmanship is AMAZING!!!!!  
Look at all the colors you can choose from!!  It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
While you are on Westside Boards site be sure and check out the rest of the items they have!!  For instance the wall racks that are SUPER CUTE!!!  I can NOT stress enough how cute this whole line is!!  GO!! LOOK!!  NOW!!! Really…. why are you still here??  Think about how cool you will be when you give this as a gift!??!  Christmas??  Baby shower?  Or even for your own home!!  
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the other reason I’m so giddy………  not only is it a growth chart to scream about… it’s a photo prop!!!!!  (COME ON!!!  If you know me… you knew it was coming!!  Really??  How could I not?!?!)


(have I mentioned HOW excited Alice and I are over this board?!?)  Surfs up dude!!  

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