As in wii Resort that is. DH and I played for 4 hours!! In that 4 hours I realized I can’t handle a sword very well (as in not at ALL!). Canoeing is great if you don’t give me a paddle cause I’m a right turner and I cause the canoe to go in circles. Wake-boarding …. well, I can’t swim anyway so REALLY why do I want to jump around on a board?? Golfing is good if you like the sand….. and the tree’s…. Table tennis… Ummmm stupid paddle I think mine has a hole in it. Bowling? Okay NOW we’re talkin’. At least I gave DH a little competition during that game. I am a little sore already! That was a fun workout! (Except the part where DH is hollering “JUST pick a side to paddle on and STAY there!!” WHAT?? Like going in a circle isn’t FUN!?!?!?)

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