When Moving From the City to the Suburbs


There are several things you can do to move from the city to the suburbs comfortably. Your kids need to attend the best schools. Start by scouting around to find out where the best school is in the suburbs. It is always a little difficult for kids to move, but soon they will find new friends.

The pets should be prepared for the move. You will have to think about a fenced yard and what other areas might be dangerous for the pets.

There are several steps you can take to enjoy the best move. Start step by step and prepare for the move. You will have to engage in several activities before you can move. It might not hurt to find local restaurants, parks, and movie theaters too.

Chalkboard_Barn_DoorThe new home should be decorated to make you feel at home. Getting interior barn door ideas can be a great way to plan for your next interior decor project.

Here are some things to do so that you can enjoy the best move:

1. Prepare for the move

The preparation process will involve several steps. For instance, you will have to pack the items in your old home. Visit the new home and take measurements to ensure the home appliances and the seats can fit well. It will take your time moving from the old home to the new home during the preparation stage. Ensure you work on the new home well, and it will contribute towards helping you enjoy the best experience. Your family members should be prepared for the move. Let them know what you expect them to do in the new home. They can put away all their belongings in their new bedrooms and empty out all the packing boxes. Soon it will feel just like home to them when they see items they are used to.

2. Pack your items

The items you have should be packed well, ready for the move. Take time to pack the items in your home before the moving day. You can start by packing the most important items in briefcases you will handle. The delicate items, such as dishes or glasses, should have padding to avoid cases where they can be damaged during the move. Your move will stand out if you can take the right steps and pack well. Some moving companies can offer to pack the items for a fee. You can let them pack if you do not have enough time. The professional movers have the experience to pack the items and ensure they move them safely to the new home.

3. Schedule utilities for the new home

The new home will require utilities such as electricity, water, and sewerage services. Visit the new home before your move and register with the local utility providers. It is good to register for the utility services early before your move to avoid cases where you will move to the new home only to arrive and lack the necessary utilities. If the new home had a tenant who has just left, check and make sure no outstanding charges have not been settled from the utility use.

4. Hire the best moving company

The choice of the moving company you will make will determine whether you will enjoy the move or not. Take time to compare the several moving companies available out there then decide on the best. Working with the best moving company is necessary because it will make you get the best deals. Check out reviews and other sources of information to know whether the company you are about to hire can assure you the best move. Working with a company that has a good reputation will make you move peaceful.

5. Plan for little kids and pets

In your interior design, you should ensure you have the right spaces for the pets and kids. The kid’s room should be prepared in your new home. During the moving day, you can look for a crate to move your pets. This way, the pets can slowly get used to their new home.

The way you will introduce the pets and kids to the new home will matter a lot. Make sure the introduction is smooth so that the kids can enjoy the new home. Remember to buy the necessary accessories you need for the pets to enjoy the new home too.

6. Get rid of items you do not need

There are some items you may not need in the new home. They will waste a lot of space for no good reason. You can discard them before you start moving. There are several ways to do away with the things you do not need. For example, you can decide to give them away to charity or sell them at a moving sale.


  • Kate Sarsfield

    I living in the heart of a small Irish town right now & find it very strange. Not used to traffic noise at all!

  • Rosie

    I’d love to move to the country. That seems more natural to me, from growing up that way, not surrounded on all sides and under, etc., like we’re chickens in cages – versus free range – yes! And where the outside is green grass, not acres of cement! It has been a while since having a goat and chickens, kitties and doggies, an antique working wood stove. You do need to plan to do things right.

  • Tamra Phelps

    After moving in here in June, I’m still trying to find some of my things, lol. Of course, my stuff was packed up by other people, I hadn’t seen it in two years and can’t half remember what it looked like, ha!

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