Whipper snappers

When I bought my first microwave my Grandma Jones didn’t really want to learn how to use it. Technology and all was not her ‘thing’. Me? I love new gadgets. Give me a new cell phone? I’m as happy as a clam! New laptop? I can’t wait to learn all the new shortcuts. I love gadgets!! EXCEPT this friggin’ ipod!! I have turned into my Grandma Jones over an ipod!! I don’t understand how to make the thing work!! I never use the manual for a new toy! EVER!!! Not my cell phone. Not my laptop. Not for a new appliance. Not even MY CAR! I LOVE figuring stuff out on my own. BUT THIS ipod is killing me!! I can’t make pictures and music play together, and right NOW I can’t make it TURN OFF!!! I’m sure if I handed this to some random 8 year old within 32 seconds the stupid piece of technology would be programmed to perfection…. so much so it would probably start my microwave from the driveway!! So until I find a random 8 year old, I’m off to scour the internet for instructions. (In my best mumbling voice I would like to add……..I hate this ipod! Makin’ me feel stupid. Stupid ipod!) See ya tomorrow!

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