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How often do you look at your walls and wish you could switch up your art, add something or just switch out the artwork? Seriously who has time (or energy!) for that?? Not me that’s for sure, y’all know I am WAY too lazy for that.

However I do like to change things up and short of hiring a personal home decorator that was at my beck n call 24/7 (wait, does that person even exist ’cause that would be just another reason to win the lottery!) As my mind wanders on winning I will have my maid, my cook and my decorator! Ohhhh how tired will my pointer finger be!?!? Gardener I need 2 of those as well. Maybe a handyman for working around the house, fixing the baseboards, building new steps. Oh my GOSH my house is not big enough for all my wants ‘n needs. Okay, back to my original train of thought.

Art. What if you could add a little touch here or a little touch there?  For instance when my son Zachary and his family arrived I could have added a few ‘extra’ sarcastic notes around the house.
would you like to change the look of your walls in minutes? What about a fun print for your bulletin board?  Oh my GOSH I am loving the printable wall art from Who Loves Prints!

Who Loves Prints has TONS of printable, frame-able sayings. Funny, serious, inspiring. You name it, it’s probably on Who Loves Prints. What I love the most is the sarcastic ones (who would have thought right??!) did you die

For instance But, DID YOU DIE?? has always been one of my ALL TIME favorites!!  I can’t even tell you the number of times that I said that to my kids.

Seriously, what mom doesn’t need that?? Zombies brains

Zombies? Ummmmmmmmmmmm count me IN!! Love me some ZOMBIES!!  Notice I did manage to get Alice’s picture in this post?? I just can’t help it. This kid is a crack up!! Only the GREATEST Granddaughter in THE ENTIRE world. (It’s not just a rumor! Honest!! Would I lie to you!?)

The beauty of these prints (besides the awesome quotes and beautiful designs) is I can print them out on regular paper, stick ’em in a frame DONE. Or I can trim the design down and tack to the bulletin board. There is always printing the art work on premium paper for a spectacular look.

I have to leave you with an ABSOLUTE perfect quote for myself.I made it awkward

Oh wait… maybe it’s this one that is more fitting.

Beautiful day to skip meds

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First YAAAAAAAAA HAWWWWWWW second, how cool is that coupon code??  It’s the little things in life that make me so happy!!

Yes, there is also a giveaway!! SWEEEEET! Right???

Who Loves Prints is giving away all of the funny collection, which is 6 BUNDLES!! How amazing is that!?!? That’s a $342 Value!!

So, let’s get to this giveaway. It’s an easy one!

Good Luck little Peanuts!!!

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