Wholesale Silver Jewelry

If you spend any amount of time on my site you know that I am addicted to jewelry!! I will be truly obnoxious when I win the lottery cause this girl will be covered head to toe in sparkleTeeda3s and diamonds; I will have a huge selection to choose from too! Until then, I still want the option of wearing different styles of jewelry everyday but without the price tag. Hello Teeda!
Teeda sells jewelry in bulk; I can find wholesale jewelry charms and even bulk jewelry chains. I can design my own jewelry and show off my own unique style and not break the bank!!  Teeda’s isn’t just for chains, charms and pins but they have a huge selection of rings, bracelets, pendants too!!  As a matter of face I found a CZ ring that I am thoroughly in love with!! I love the colors and design of this ring! Talk about a piece of jewelry that would go with whatever I wore!! The ring is way under $15. Yup that’s fifteen bucks!

Aside from this ring I went to Pinterest and started gathering ideas to design another piece. I love designing pieces. I love putting together colors, shapes and sizes.
Teeda makes it super easy to find what I need to get started too.  Okay, here is what I’m thinking a nice silver chain with wide links. Along with a loop so I could make a charm necklace. The charms could be interchangeable so the necklace would be very versatile.
Yes, I do have a thing for hearts. I am always drawn to sterling silver and to hearts, but Teeda has nautical, sports, animal, religious charms as well. Added bonus a large portion of Teeda’s charms are made here in the U.S.
Whether you are looking to design just for you or looking to buy wholesale silver jewelry then Teeda’s is 100% worth a look. With over 30 years in the business, they know what they’re doing. It’s definitely worth a look!! Now, I believe I deserve that ring so I’m heading back over to visit Teeda!

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