Wholesome Cravings! YUM!!! GIVEAWAY!!

You are gonna wish you were with Alice and I today!! We made AMAZING cupcakes today!!  These cupcakes are filling and moist and delicious! AND!! Protein rich!!

Sometimes when you are craving food, you are really craving is protein??  Pea protein is loaded with amino acids!! Pea protein can help you regulate appetite AND get this…. HELP WITH WEIGHT LOSS!!!! 

Well, Wholesome Cravings is loaded with 11 GRAMS!! That’s 2 to 3 times more than the average off the shelf protein bar!! These are gluten free, dairy free!

Not all proteins are created equal. Pea protein is a new alternative protein to whey and soy that is highly digestible and allergen free. I know, that same vegetable we try and get the kids to eat is a source of PROTEIN!?!?!?! WHAT?!?!? Yup, it’s true! AND Pea protein has a 98% digestion rate!! The key nutrients are sent through the bloodstream and quickly used by organs and muscle FAST! The pea also has non-allergenic qualities!! AND contain the necessary branched-chain amino acids needed by the body for muscle and tissue maintenance. Truly I had no idea!! I have more information on that PEA!! Pea protein has the ability to lower the stomach’s production of a substance called ghrelin. Ghrelin is the chemical that signals your body that it is hungry. Lower levels of ghrelin mean that you feel fuller longer in between meals.

That’s why Wholesome Cravings decided to use pea protein instead whey protein in its baking mixes and muffins!

All I know is the taste is amazing!! High in protein, all natural and gluten free, but are dairy free as well.

All of that AND AMAZING taste!! Seriously!! These are so delicious!! We’ve made muffins that are light, delicious and SO MOIST!! The Decadent Chocolate Chip are SO AMAZING!! Pumpkin Spice? Is aawwweeesoome!! I added walnuts and WOW!! Each of the flavors are so delicious! I would be hard pressed to tell you my favorite!

These muffins freeze wonderfully!! AND disappear FAST!!!

Win all 4 mixes! Gluten Free, High Protein delicious!

These are amazing! YOU add the sweetener of your choice! Sugar, honey or sugar alternative. The Banana Chocolate Chip takes ripe banana’s. YUM!!!  The Decadent Chocolate Chip takes unsweetened canned pumpkin. YOU would never know there is pumpkin inside but OH MAN are these moist, chocolaty and DELICIOUS!!  

Win all 4 mixes! Gluten Free, High Protein delicious! Wholesome Cravings was created from busy moms for busy moms!!
Bagshree Blasius: Vermont Mompreneur busy career woman looking for a way to feed herself and her kids something wholesome and yummy, created these mixes with busy moms in mind.
Monica Marshall: Vermont junkfood Mama and marketing maven wouldn’t dare touch a protein muffin till she tasted Bagshree’s creation and was hooked. High protein Gluten free mixes just had to be shared with the world.

Win all 4 mixes! Gluten Free, High Protein delicious!

One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will get to try these same mixes that we did!! YUMMMMMY!!!

Good Luck!!

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