Why New Parents Need a Wi-Fi Baby Monitor!!

Baby on a laptop

The arrival of a firstborn is a mix of joy, nervousness, and never-ending decisions. From registry choices to the baby name itself, the bundle of joy involves a lot of decisions. As new parents, these choices can seem monumental and the list of necessities infinite. Diapers, bottles, stroller, oh my!

One of the essential items for childcare is a good baby monitor. Traditionally, it’s a two-way connection linking you to the cries for a midnight feeding. However, it’s 2018! With technology on our side, the options have grown exponentially. A good monitor is a worthwhile investment and with so many options on the market, it warrants an extensive Google search. I was surprised to find so many products and helpful reviews, but ultimately, I was drawn to the benefits of a Wi-Fi enabled baby monitor.

Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind

One of the first challenges with a newborn is the panicky feeling of letting your precious infant out of your sight for the first time. According to Bestbabystation.com, this is where a Wi-Fi baby monitor creates a new opportunity for unlimited monitoring. The connection allows parents to check on their baby from all areas of the home. One monitoring device offers views from multiple camera feeds. You aren’t limited to just one screen! This is great when both parents want to check on baby, even more so if grandma or other family members are tuning in. For working parents, this means being able to check on nanny and baby, providing peace of mind even from the office. Leaving your baby is difficult enough, a solid baby monitor can make it a little easier.

Clearly, It’s a Great Choice

Yes, there are other baby monitors with video and audio capabilities. The difference is the level of access provided by Wi-Fi connection. With the new Wi-Fi technology, parents are able to see and hear their baby straight from mobile phones and tablets, essentially any device with data or internet connection. There is no receiver, so there is no extra piece to carry from room to room. It has made completing tasks during naptime much easier!

Additionally, Bestbabystation.com shows some video monitors have a grainy resolution, reducing the video quality significantly. These more high-tech Wi-Fi monitors provide a higher resolution and, in some cases, even switch to night vision when the sun sets! If you are investing in a video option, you might as well opt for the 720p resolution, right? I even found one with built in lullabies! This is a great feature for a tone-deaf parent, like myself.

Okay, But What are the Drawbacks?

Every product has a con or two that needs to be considered. A Wi-Fi monitor is no exception. It is a bit pricier than other baby monitors, so I certainly considered the cons before dropping a pretty penny on this purchase.

For one thing, the home’s Wi-Fi connection will play into the effectiveness of the monitor. If the Wi-Fi connection is weak, the monitor will not work as effectively. If the internet connection fails for whatever reason or electricity in your home cuts out, the Wi-Fi monitor loses its connection as well.

Security is an ultra-important factor. Some parents have reported hackers who have been able to watch the live feed of their child (among other things). That’s quite creepy, but goes back to the security of the internet connection. I reviewed the various models and opted for one with password protection and reinforced my home’s internet firewall.


As a new parent, safety ranks high on the list of priorities for your newborn. A new baby brings sleepless nights, overwhelming joy, and new discoveries daily. With so many changes and decisions happening, this is one decision that does not have to be difficult. With a Wi-Fi monitor and a secure connection, new parents can have a little more peace of mind with the newborn.

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