Why Polished Concrete Flooring Is Better Than Other Flooring

Polished concrete flooring is fast becoming the most popular option and a leader in its sector. Designers, contractors, and architects alike think of it as the most efficient option for industrial, residential and commercial purposes. Moreover, it is durable, appealing and is stain-free and offers an aesthetic appeal. Let’s know more about polished concrete and its advantages: 

What is Polished Concrete?

If you are in the construction domain you would notice that everyone is talking of polished concrete when it comes to flooring. It is basically the normal concrete that is treated with a component called the concrete densifier. To create smoothe polished concrete, this densifier is filled in the pores of normal concrete. Later tools are used to make it as shiny and reflective as needed. The customer can choose the shine needed on the concrete based on needs and preferences. 

Polished concrete flooring

Benefits of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete offers many advantages and that makes it a better option than other flooring types. The main reason behind it the latest technology is used to convert the concrete into a smooth and beautiful looking surface. Read on to understand the benefits:

Durable: An important feature of polished concrete which is highly beneficial to customers is that it is highly durable and strong. That means even when there is a heavy foot or vehicular traffic it will not crack or break. Also, it will continue to look aesthetically beautiful as there will be absolutely no chipping or scratching or any other kind of damage to the floor.  

Long-lasting: Another big advantage of polished concrete over flooring options is that it has a long lifespan. It can last more than 10 years with little or no maintenance. But to get maximum advantage make sure that it is installed properly. Carpeting or even laminating the floor helps it last longer as there will be less wear and tear. 

Concrete flooring can even be repaired if needed. Concrete Raising Kingston is a simple process which hydraulically lifts your existing concrete flooring, walk or driveway.

Affordable: One of the major reasons for the popularity of polished concrete flooring as a flooring option is its affordability. Though the cost varies depending on the finish and the level of difficulty, it is still highly affordable. If the floor already has a concrete slab and needs only polishing then the cost reduces by a great deal. 

Low Maintenance: Polished concrete is low maintenance as it does not need any major upkeep when compared to other flooring types. All one has to do is sweep and mop the floor so that dust or dirt does not accumulate on them. Moreover, since concrete floors are already polished to make them look better, it needs no waxing at all, saving a lot of maintenance effort of stripping and waxing. To maintain the high gloss finish, you can use a polishing machine for a more professional-looking finish, but the same can be achieved with a mop, a damp cloth, and a bit of hard work. Doing this will ensure the shine remains intact for a longer duration, meaning less maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly: The polished concrete does not use any harmful chemicals, cleaners or adhesives during installation. Even to maintain it there is no need for use of any chemicals and hence it is one of the most environmentally friendly options for flooring. 

Works with Heating Systems: Polished concrete is a good thermal conductor and hence can be used with any floor heating systems. Additionally, if they are sealed properly it is moisture resistant and also enhances ambient lighting. 

Stainfree: Polished concrete floors offer protection against all kinds of stains and that is the main reason people consider it as a flooring option. Leading polisher ConcreteFloorPolisher.co.uk says that it is not only good for residential purposes but used by many warehouses and other commercial buildings too. Another great advantage of using polished concrete floors is it leaves no scratches and tire marks. 

Aesthetic: A polished concrete floor boosts the interior of your property by giving a pleasant appearance. It gives a smooth and glossy finish that makes the building look sophisticated. It reflects light in such a way that it makes the floor glow. The smooth surface of the polished concrete illuminates the room 30% extra and hence it boosts the ambiance lighting. So many people prefer this flooring option for their residences, hotels, offices, etc. 

Versatile: A polished concrete floor is recommended by professionals for a reason as they work in all settings and environments. Unlike a ceramic tile or a hardwood floor, it can be used in residential as well as industrial buildings and hence it is a versatile option. 

Immediate use: As mentioned earlier no chemicals or adhesives are used for either polishing or installation of these polished concrete floors. So when it needs to be installed there is no need to vacate the area before or after the floor is installed. That is especially helpful in places where there is frequent foot traffic like hospitals, schools, supermarkets or even factories. Additionally, it can be used immediately without having to wait for it to get set. 

Polished Concrete Floors are the most Economical option

Polished concrete floors are considered as the most economical option for commercial as well as residential properties. The cost per square depends on company to company.  It depends on factors like whether there is a concrete slab already installed or not, the polishing process that will be used and the aggregate grade. If the concrete slab already exists it generally costs lower. Aside from the fact that it is highly affordable, this flooring type needs very less maintenance, upgrades and lasts a decade. So once you get it polished and fixed properly you have no other headaches till you decide to change the flooring. 

Over the past few years, polished concrete flooring has become a popular flooring option and has become synonymous with modern construction. One of the primary reasons for it is that a variety of finishes can be achieved apart from it being cost-effective. Polished concrete is less expensive when compared to other floor coverings. There is no lack of variety in this flooring or the polishing options too. It prevents dusting, staining and is low maintenance, long-lasting and durable, hence making polished concrete flooring the best type of flooring for your property. 


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