William & Kate’s Wedding


People are so obsessed with Kate and Williams wedding that Apple has an APP!!?!  REALLY!??!  I think I can understand this if I lived in England. But REALLY!? In the US?!?!  There is a TV commercial every 5 minutes!! Live coverage starting at 4a.m!?! on April 29th.  I don't understand WHY? I mean really people it's not like it's ELVIS!!  Cause if that was the case I could understand a 24 hour Elvis channel and Apple Apps and Android Apps… and well, you get the idea.

Note to my family and Barbara…. stop rolling your EYES AT ME!! YOU know my ELVIS rule!!! NOT dead!! He's just in hiding!!!
I should be excited about Kate afterall I'm pretty sure we're related and my invitation was lost in the mail.  Middleton was my Grandma Jones' last name.  Soooooo prettttttty sure…. yup yup…. still not watching or sending a gift either ….. no fancy invite… no gift!!

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