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Money Savvy World Cup Soccer giveawayA while back Alice and I did a review for a Money Savvy Soccer Ball bank, a fantastic bank!!  Money Savvy banks teach kids about money with four chambered areas; Save, Spend, Donate and Invest. Truly brilliant way to teach kids about money!!

Money Savvy Generation develops innovative products to help parents, educators and others teach kids the skills of basic personal finance. Founded in 1999 by Susan Beacham and her husband Michael, the company strives to empower kids to take control of their financial lives and, in turn, their futures. The company sells more 4-chambered savings banks (pigs, cows and footballs) than anyone else in the world. Its award-winning scripted curriculum format is preferred by elementary and middle-school teachers across the nation.  


The folks at Money Savvy just launched a Money Savvy World Cup Soccer giveaway.  Now through July 13th anyone in the Continental US (over 18 years of age) can enter to win their own Money Savvy Soccer Ball bank.  Multiple winners will be chosen – one is randomly selected each time Team USA plays.

Here’s the link to register today:

This first random drawing will be done in 2 days.

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Celebrate the World Cup with Money Savvy And Enter to WIN a Soccer Ball Bank!

It’s here!  The World Cup has finally arrived!  So to celebrate this worldwide event and support Team USA, Money Savvy Generation is hosting giveaways of their award-winning Money Savvy Soccer Ball banks.  
Here’s how you or your followers can win a FREE BANK:
  • Each time Team USA plays in the World Cup, Money Savvy Generation will draw a random winner just before each game. 
  • Enter NOW through July 13th.
  • Entrants must live within the continental US and be over the age of 18.

Here’s the link to enter now:

The first drawing will take place on June 16 so ENTER NOW!
Good luck!!!

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