World Famous Buildings Decal Review

My laptop is on my lap pretty much from the moment I get home until it’s time for bed. So, being the amazing wife that I am I decided that The Husband should have something interesting to look at! (I know… not only am I a caring wife but I’m a funny one too!)

Check out this World Famous Buildings Decal Sticker! First, it’s a cool looking decal! Recognizable buildings and landmarks from all around the world. The decal is super easy to install simply peel it off the sticker sheet and place it where you want it. I would recommend cleaning and drying your area first just for a better seal. Use a credit card or a sturdy piece of cardboard to smooth it down if needed. My decal laid down so nicely that just smoothing it down with my hand was more than enough pressure. I have absolutely no bubbles in my decal. It really attached very smoothly.



This decal is dust-proof, waterproof, oil-proof and prevents fingerprints from showing up on your laptop.
The decal is designed to integrate with the Apple Logo, but it works well with the HP logo too.
This decal won’t leave any sticky residue when you are bored with the decal and ready for a new one. There are several designs that I have my eye on already.

The vinyl sticker is made from the same premium stuff companies use to brand their cars and make their outdoor signs. Once your sticker is applied, you can be sure it’s not going anywhere unless you want it to. This little guy will stick and just keep on sticking! Want to take it off? No problem. This sticker doesn’t leave horrible paper residue when it’s removed. Plus it comes off quickly and easily.

This World Famous Buildings sticker will stick to pretty much any smooth surface you can imagine. Metal, plastic, glass, wood. Laptops, cars, windows, guitars, drums, floors, ceilings, walls, fridges. The list goes on and on!



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