Yawning Yoga review

Getting kids to sleep can IS a feat in itself!!  It doesn’t have to be quite as bad every night… right? I had the great pleasure to review a new book called Yawning Yoga a goodnight book, for a good night’s sleep
Written by Laurie Jordan and Illustrated by Aaron Randy. This is an amazing book!!  We LOVE Yawning YOGA!!

Some of my very favorite highlights are: Tips for better bedtime! In the front of the book are 4 simple tips to help parents prepare kids for bedtime. BRILLIANT tips!!  Amazingly helpful and they really work! Not just for bedtime but for nap time too!!  BRILLIANT!!

Second favorite part?  It’s a hard cover book. Books with paper covers never ever last in our house. This book is beautiful!! Thick satiny paper that will last reading after reading!!

LOVE the story line!! It flows so nicely. I love the sing-song relaxing rhythm of the book. The story teaches kids yoga moves for relaxation. Stretching and breathing, laughing and thanking your body for all the things it does for you during the day!!

This book is amazing!

Extra bonus!! The end of the book is an index of actual kids doing the poses in case you need a little help!

The illustrations?! OHHHHHH SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! Bright pretty illustrations.  Some of the pictures made the kids laugh right out loud.WE LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!
 Emma and Eli offered to listen to the story in the daytime and let me take pictures.

Earlier, I read the book to Eli at nap time within 10 minutes he was O-U-T cold!! He slept for a full 2 hour nap!! This book is MAGIC!!!!!!!

And of course every good Yogi knows you end with “Namaste” Which means:
“The light in me sees the light in you”
Now bow to yourself, let your goodness shine through!!  
We give Yawning Yoga by Laurie Jordan 10 very enthusiastic thumbs WAY WAY UP!!! 


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