Yooeur iPhone Camera Lens Kit Review

is an impressive set up. The kit contains a 8x telephoto lens, a fish eye lens, tripod and adapters for different phones.

Yooeur iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S/5 Camera Lens Kit-Telephoto Lens and Fish Eye Lens for iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S/5. There is a Wide Angle Design, Shimmer Focus for Telephoto Lens, Fully Multi Coated Lens Coating, Bak4 Optical Prism, Pocket Size and Light Weight.

I used this kit on my iPhone 6 with great results. The first one I tried out was the fish eye lens. The fish eye effect was really cool! Connecting the lens is a breeze, find the correct adapter, clip it over the top of the phone and screw in either lens, both lens use the same adapter. The fish eye lens has a good range and picks up images off to the sides really well. The lens works great for video too!

Next I tried the telephoto lens. Using the same adapter I unscrewed the fish eye and screwed in the 8x telephoto lens. The zoom was impressive by itself and combined with the phones zoom it was really surprising! The zoom was better than my shaky hand could make use of.

Thankfully the kit also included a tripod. Once I mounted up the phone on the tripod I could use all the zoom this combo had to offer. Easily being able to focus on objects far away and steady was really cool to do on my phone. The auto focus on the phone has no problem with either lens. Everything works great inside or in the shade.

This is a shot of my dog Bella, with no lens and the again when I slipped on the Telephoto Lens. Then a shot of Gracie with the Fisheye!

combo has given me many new options for taking pictures with my phone.

Wide Angle Design: The 8X telephoto lens is built-in 9 degree super wide-angle; The fish eye lens can reach to 165 degree vision angle
Shimmer Focus for The 8X Telephoto Lens: The telephoto lens can easily focus as long as the distance is more than 2m. The focus distance measures good or bad of the telephoto lens, the focus distance of general telephoto lens is 3.5m-5m

Fully Multi Coated Lens Coating, Bak4 Optical Prism, Optical Glass and ABS Plastic Shell material: High quality material and optical process ensure high-resolution to make sure that the imaging effect is more clear and closer to the original scene.

Pocket Size and Light Weight: The two great lenses in one kit is more portable to meet your mobile photography. The weight of the telephoto lens and fish eye lens are 50g and 10g, they are small and light.

Link to iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5 to Take Photos and Videos: The telephoto lens is used for bird watching, watching wildlife or scenery, watching games of F1, football and basketball and so on. Overall, it is similar to monocular telescope; The fish eye lens makes your photo more interesting. You can use them to record your life


The only down side I encountered was sometimes while in direct sunlight, the sun will shine into the clear plastic adapter and create a washed out light spot in the picture. While outside I just have to remember to put a finger over the clear plastic part around the lens. It’s a minor whine. This is a COOL set!!


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