Yosemite Bound!!!

I’m starting to get antsy, our yearly camping adventure in Yosemite National Park, is getting ever closer.  So, I was starting my list of must have essentials, I thought I would share some with you.

I’ve learned a lot from the last two camping trips. First, I learned my family likes to hike. A LOT. We hike everywhere, all day, every day. For. A. Week.  Second, I learned you can NOT hike in jeans. Yes, the first year I did TRY! I was miserable. I’ve learned the MOST important thing in hiking is that, you NEED comfortable hiking BOOTS.  Two years in a row I have lost BOTH of my big toe nails.  BTW it takes a FULL year for your toe nail to grow back. That’s two years with no pedicures!! It’s not pretty!!  Well-fitting Hiking boots that have ankle support are a MUST!! Equally, important, break them IN before you go camping!!

Next, don’t be stupid, get an air mattress, that ground is ROCK hard!!

BackpackNext necessity, a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag that your kids used when they were in Girl Scouts doesn’t count!! BUY a new one!! One that will combat the cold!! 20° is COLD.  It’s REALLY, REALLY, COLD!!!  You will be mocked if you attempt to go sleep in the car, setting off the car alarm in the process. (Not me, it was someone totally unrelated!) OH SHUT UP it was COLD!!  Be sure to get a sleeping bag with a hood. Sounds silly, but you WILL thank me when your ears aren’t little ice cubes in the middle of the night.

Walking poles! Greatest invention on earth, for a hiker!

Next MUST have is a Camelbak, staying hydrated while you hike is essential!! Wear a Camelbak! It’s easier and way more comfortable than holding a water bottle all day!  Besides, I need my hands free for my camera.  A camera is a great excuse as to why I’m so SLOW…. I’m practicing my photography! (Catching my breathe, whichever)

I have to admit everything I wanted I found at The Clymb. This is a great one stop shop. I even found a cute little Gramicci top so I can be stylish while I hike.

Little by little I’m becoming a true camper- hiker!!!  Now, if I could just come home with all 10 toenails I’d be really happy!!

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  • Diane K. Brimmer

    So did you really set off the car alarm in the middle of the night? LOL! You ain’t just a kiddin about the ground having no give. You will feel every achy mussel in the morning. Air mattress is a must. Sorry to hear about the big toes! Most of all thanks for the info. I had a good laugh.

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