You Can’t Live Forever?? Really???

Y’all remember being 16? First, ya get to drive!! I’m not sure if it’s just farm kids or if it’s true for city kids too; BUT, I tested my driving skills by FLYING down the dirt roads fast enough to make my little brother cry “I’m telling DAD!!”  Ya know how to keep your brother from tattling? You GO FASTER until he swears he will never tell. He never did. Which is basically why I’m still alive today.

Then 21 comes. Oh man! 21 you can go anywhere. Like the liquor store. NOT!! The day I turned 21 I walked into the liquor store strutin’ my stuff. I found the cheapest bottle of wine the shelves had to offer. (I’m 21 and poor! BUT, it was my right of passage) ONLY TO get to the register without my drivers’ license. WHAT!?!!?!??!?!  Seems my Mom had taken my drivers license out of my wallet so she could get my ‘dream’ watch out of layaway. It was to be my birthday present (again. 21 and poor)  Ohhhhhhhhhh I can still hear my mom laughing and see her face. It was a mixture of I’m so SORRY and THIS is SO FUNNY!!! (It was NOT!!)

Then 30 comes and there is chaos in the house with kids and their friends and all of our pets. (btw, family chaos has always will always be my favorite times. No matter how old I am).

The 40’s found me an empty nester. I had the worst time being an empty nester. (remember I LOVE the family chaos so much!)  So, I got a temporary job that turned into full time and lasted almost 10 years. My 50’s was also a terrible time; I saw the loss of my dad, 2 years later my younger sister, 2 years after that my younger brother. (My remaining sister and I were holding our collective breaths at that 2-year mark. Ya know….. we were on a terrible roll of every 2 years)

The 50’s are when The Husband decided I needed more excitement in his life, so he had a heart attack. One pacemaker installed (BTW NO matter how much you beg the doctors, they WILL NOT give you a remote control to the pacemaker. I only wanted to make him sleep when he was being annoying. GESH!! Where is the trust?!?!) The 50’s also brought the greatest gift EVER into my life. My Granddaughter Alice. I was able to be her caregiver from the day she was born until she was 6. It was AN AMAZING time in my life!!! Absolutely AMAZING!!!

The 50’s are also when we decided that we couldn’t afford to retire in California. So, we shopped for a new home, after seeing pictures on Zillow I said I will only move if I get THIS HOUSE.  We decided to take a road trip to Sandpoint Idaho. My Mom chose that day to fall and break her hip. (Mom was NOT happy about the prospect of moving to Idaho. Talk about taking things to the extreme, now I’m not saying she did it on purpose, at least out loud).  During Moms time in rehab our offer was accepted on my dream home. We began the process of packing up a house we had been in for 30+ years. (as a self-professed hoarder THIS was a lot of work). Mom who STILL did NOT want to move and was truly more stubborn than I realized, had a massive heart attack.

The decision to bring my Mom home on hospice, was the most gut-wrenching decision I’ve ever had to make.  (Note here. DO NOT make your kids decide these things. TALK TO THEM. Tell them what you want before you can’t talk to them. Like you’ve heard me say a million times. GUILT IS ONLY GOOD WHEN I’m DOING IT!!!) While I love and adore my Mom she wasn’t really good about planning ahead. I didn’t realize just how expensive funeral arrangements are. Please do your family a favor. WRITE your wishes down, GET LIFE INSURANCE!!! Seriously, you can get life insurance without a medical exam. There just isn’t any excuse to burden your family while they are already grieving. (ohhhhh you KNOW my Mom will be visiting me today!! I can feel the evil eye behind my shoulder right now!! Did you feel that chill??)

The late 50 until now my mid 60’s meant a move to Sandpoint, Idaho. My stunning and beautiful Forever Home. The only thing that could possibly make this home better would be having my Mom, my kids and granddaughters move here.  (But really, this view?!? OMGEEEEE!)

Sandpoint Idaho

Now, in my mid 60’s friends and loved ones passing away at an alarming rate. WHAT THE HECK!?!? We’re still YOUNG. Right?! I mean hello 60 is the new 40 right?!?!?  Many of these passings have truly brought home the importance of life insurance. Leaving your family with added expenses is wrong. Especially when life insurance without a medical exam is available to you.

Please. GET LIFE INSURANCE for YOUR FAMILY!!! Unless you’ve been a real P.I.T.A in life, your family is already grieving, don’t make them worry about money too.

Now, let’s talk about me living forever. I mean I have an amazing family to watch over, a craft room, I have a million crafts to finish. I got stuff to DO!!  I don’t have time to die. (OHHHH to the Higher Power…. it’s not a demand… it’s more of a request? A plea if you will……. I really should stop before I get myself into real trouble here).

Go get life insurance!


  • gloria patterson

    Loved it sounded just like you. My mother is almost 95 and 25+ years we picked outher coffin and made all the funeral arangement. My mother, sister and I had the poor funeral director laughing so hard and sometimes almost crying. We went from wanting to get in and test how soft it was and was it long enough……… and the colors she didnot like. I told I would spray paint the coffin any color she wanted.

    I am 73 and yes I have life insurance and leave it all to my niece to hold. invest what ever for my great niece (7).

    I live in a senior apartment building there are 100 apartments. And some of these people don’t even have a will. AND lets address the big elephant in the room………… ALL THE STUFF THAT PEOPLE SAVE and it is all left for your family to do something with. One woman told me she has lived here about 20 yrs and she has a closet full of boxes that she has NOT opened since she moved in.

  • heather

    Life is so like this, I enjoyed reading this post. I once heard that life is like a roll of toilet paper it goes faster once you get towards the end. That is so true man the years are just flying by for me.

  • Suzie B

    Im not sure when the ‘life isn’t forever’ feeling creeped in for me.. Being in my 40s now, ive watched friends lose parents and I think that has really made me look differently at life and the time I have with my loved ones.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Right after my Mom died, I got life insurance. I just didn’t want to think about it before that but I think when your parents die, you suddenly realize you are no longer the young and happy go lucky generation–you are now members of AARP, lol.

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