You’ll never see these ads again

 If the wording was different I’d blame Zachary for that one!!
Yea…. I’ll follow you anywhere…… till I’m sure there are no possible witnesses!!

Unfortunately, they are all dead now.  
Who you callin’ CHUBBY!?!?

After I take care of my toothache you can call me chubby and buy me a HOOVER… but not until. Come to think of it… you call me CHUBBY buy me a HOOVER and blow smoke in my face YOU will need the Cocaine TOOTHACHE drops NEXT!!

I’m just NOT sure what to say…..

The ONLY reason I’ll be fondling the vacuum is to check if it sucked up the HONKIN’ big DIAMOND ring that BETTER be in there!!!!

Good to know!!!!  Hi Dan!! 

I’m not totally against this one.  I think….

Again…. good to know.  I’m a GREAT babysitter!!! Huh Alice??

Ummm hummmm ohhhhhhh there WILL be crying alright!!


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