Your Vail Vacation: Why Colorado is the Best Summer Destination!

Vail Colorado
Most people imagine Colorado as a winter destination because of its amazing ski resorts, but it is also an excellent summer destination for fun, sun, and relaxation. Staying in Vail is easy with many comfortable hotels available to travelers. Colorado offers lots of activities for individuals, couples, or families whether you want to spend some time in the great outdoors or see what the indoors have to offer. There’s always something happening in Vail — a city that relies on tourism to survive has to offer opportunities that will draw outsiders all year long. From festivals to concerts to outdoor activities, Vail has what it takes to make your next vacation a success.

Vail offers many music, dance, and art festivals that will appeal to the whole family. These festivals draw people from all over the U.S. and even parts of the world, so you’re likely to find some new friends or simply enjoy the friendly atmosphere while you’re there. No matter what your taste in music, there’s an opportunity for you, with festivals that cater to classical, jazz, folk, rock, or country. Check out the best local artists and find a new musician to follow. The dance festivals are equally as eclectic and fun. The Vail International Dance Festival begins in July and spans into August, featuring a variety of opportunities from ballroom to ballet. Like a true Colorado city, Vail offers many art festivals featuring local artists who often accompany their work for showings. Join in to be part of all these events that will expand your culture.

Outdoor Activities

Vail offers many outdoor activities, surrounded by Colorado’s beautiful landscape and gorgeous weather. From mountain biking to hiking to white water rafting, you’ll never get bored with all the fun, active opportunities for you and your family. Take a couple of days to explore the great outdoors and a few more low-key days of festivals and sightseeing.

Good Eats

Vail offers a variety of chain and local restaurants to satisfy many different tastes. From fine dining to fast food, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Many local restaurants make up the offerings of Vail, and you can eat a different variety of food each day you’re there. Try some local cuisine or return to your old favorites. Spend an evening strolling downtown and have a several course meal at different places. You’re sure to want to return to this amazing summer vacation spot.

About the Author: Sage enjoys going on a fun vacation and traveling to Vail is top on her list.

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  • ann

    When you think of Colorado you think of mountains and such. I dont think of dance festivals and foods galore . Tho white water rafting sound like fun to watch ( Im to old to actually participate )
    thanks for the information

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