You’re wearing THAT again!?!?

This post is for wives, mom’s and significant others. Men, this is not a post for you, I promise there is nothing here for you. Look away!! Look away!! DH especially should look away. I think there is a football game on!! GO check!!

I’ve decided it is way past time to clean out the closet. Oh, not MY SIDE of the closet mind you. I have nothing but wonderful, albeit too small, but wonderful none the less items. My closet doesn’t need any thinning or cleaning out. HOWEVER!! DH has some highly inappropriate t-shirts.  Not just inappropriate but stained, torn and disgusting!! They MUST GO!!

Please! Tell me the man in your life has an abnormal attachment to old t-shirts too!????  T-shirts that they can NOT get rid of?  Ones that are so disgusting, so stained and riddled with holes in??  OH MY LORD!!! I think that DH digs in the trash if I throw any of his shirts in the trash. I KNOW I’ve thrown several of these away already!! HOW do the KEEP SHOWING UP on his BODY!??!!?  There is one in particular that makes me NUTS!!! Okay, that’s a lie, there are several, there are dozens!! I have to wonder if it physically hurts him to throw them away?! Oh, maybe like how I feel parting with a pair of shoes?? Hummm, that’s something to think about. BUT! For now? I’m not going out in public with him in these old t-shirts!! I’m getting him this S!R long sleeve dress shirt so he doesn’t just go out in his Hard Rock Café t-shirt again.

I can’t even imagine how old this Hard Rock Café t-shirt is!! I do know it’s going in a bag, tying the bag in a knot, and dumped into the neighbors trash can tomorrow!! HA!!! Let’s see that puppy appear in the closet again!! I don’t THINK SO!! HA!!!  I win!! Unless DH does read this, then…. ummmm honey??  The Hard Rock Café t-shirt is in the wash. Honest!!

What about you? Is there an item you want me to hide in the neighbors trash can for you??


  • Melinda Stephens

    We actually have the opposite problem. My husband isn’t attached to anything in particular, but I have shirts that I really do not want to give up. My favorite sleeping top had about a dozen holes before I finally gave in and threw it out.

  • nancy chipriano

    LOL! Oh Connie, you are a gal after my own heart. My DH has about 6 shirts that I can’t convince him to dump. (I call it, “Dump the bricks!”) But, besides shirts, I would LOVE it if you could discard his funky, though comfy (according to him) slippers in your neighbor’s trash! He has these gross slippers that have been worn since we were married. They have been through many a wash cycle (thanks to me), but Ugh! They are still falling apart and yucky. I have since given him 2-3 pair of snuggly slippers that I thought would do as replacements, but no such luck…. Help!

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