Zelite Infinity 4″ Paring Knife Review


I am one very lucky girl! I get to tell you about another Zelite Infinity Knife. The 4″ paring knife is by far my favorite!! This is a smooth, sharp knife!!  As with my other Zelite Knives I feel like a professional chef not just a meat ‘n taters cook.  Zelite Infinity Knives make food preparation FAST and easy!!

The 4″ Paring Knife from Zelite uses imported Japanese VG10 Super Steel with 66-layer High Carbon Stainless Steel to make one very heavy duty blade. This knife is also a full-tang for strength and durability. Now, I had to go look up the definition for full tang so I thought I would share this with you; full tang means that the knife is one solid piece, the handles then are pinned to the blade one on each side. Full-tang is the strongest of all knives.

This knife is amazingly sharp and for the first time since I’ve been reviewing Zelite knives I’ve decided NOT to test it on my thumb. I did peel a potato with extreme ease and peeling it thinner than a potato peeler! The small pointed blade allows me to cut out bad parts of the potatoes or remove hulls from fruits or vegetables.

Another feature that I truly love with the Zelite knives is the tapered bolster, that’s the thick junction between the handle and the knife blade. Having the bolster provides great balance and control with your knife.

When you are shopping for kitchen knives remember: High Carbon alone will RUST if not cared for; Stainless Steel will NOT be Sharp and won’t keep an Edge. Ceramic will Shatter if Shocked and will have Limited Versatility. Only the ZELITE Infinity has been Designed to be THE-ALL-IN-ONE-SOLUTION! 

Japanese VG10 Damascus SUS410 High Carbon Stainless Steel is the secret to long-lasting performance!!

This knife also has a beautifully rounded handle with a 3-metal Japanese Mosaic rivet embedded inside for that little extra elegance. Even the packaging is elegant, Zelite Knives arrive in a sturdy box and nestled in form-fitting soft foam.


I am thoroughly and completely impressed with Zelite Infinity Knives. The 4″ paring knife is exactly what my kitchen has been waiting for. These knives won’t rust! They keep a sharp edge forever. Zelite stands behind their claims with a LIFETIME warranty. Seriously, what do you have to lose? Nothing!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    I’m one of life’s clumsy people and learned the hard way that, unfortunately, sharp knives and I are not a good combination.


    Well that’s a little bit of trivia to put to good use for the next pub quiz: ‘How do you like your tangs?’, ‘Make mine a full tang please!’

  • Laura

    It’s nice that they have a lifetime warranty on their knives! It seems like it’s harder and harder to find lifetime warranties. A lot of companies don’t backup their products like they used to.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    I had never heard of full tang before. I learned something today. These knives sound great. I could use some of these at my house. Thank you for sharing

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