ZETA Technology Universal Wrap

Zeta Universal Wrap. Just like all the wonderful Zeta products leaves me scratching my head and asking BUT HOW DOES it work?!?!  I don’t understand!!  I guess I don’t have to, I just know it does. If you are a regular follower you’ve heard me share how my elbows ache. (Probably from too much sitting with my arms bent while typing away on my laptop).  
I’ve been wearing my Zeta Universal Wrap just above my elbow. It’s comfortable to wear. Within minutes my elbow stops aching. MINUTES!!  This is the most amazing wrap!  This wrap closes with Velcro. The little bumps are smooth and you can’t feel them when the wrap is on. It works and it’s comfortable! You can NOT beat that!!  The cost for the Universal Wrap is $24.99.  

The Zeta Universal Wrap is an amazing support wrap with Thermide built right in. 

Laboratory tested and verified for safe yet strong far-infrared emission, the Zeta Universal Wrap can be used on any area of the body up to a 20” circumference.
The Zeta Universal Wrap is effective for precise and rapid delivery of comfort, support, gentle warmth, far-infrared and more. It can also be used to hold the Zeta Disc or Zeta Compress in place as an alternative to medical tape or an elastic bandage.
The Zeta Universal Wrap is engineered to be soft to the touch, yet strong, stretchable and flexible to fit up to a 20” circumference.
Use on: Neck, Foot, Wrist, Elbow, Ankle,
Above or below the knee and more!

Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.

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  • ann

    Now this is something I could use because my elbows hurt if I am on the computer for more then 8 hours at a time. Sounds like it is comfortable to wear too.The cost is not a bad price either as long as it helps thats all that matters .

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