10 Funny loThings To Ask Alexa!

When I am bored and really don’t feel like writing I waste time interacting with Alexa. I interact with Alexa just see what she says.  I told her I was sick today (yes, STILL!!) she said “I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well, try a cup of tea or a nap. I hope you are feeling better soon” She has about a dozen nice things to say when you are sick…. isn’t she so sweet?!

So, here are my top 10 things to ask Alexa.

Alexa: Do you have any pets?

Alexa: Do you have a boyfriend?

Alexa: What are you wearing?

Alexa: When is the end of the world?

Alexa: Who’s your daddy?

Alexa: Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Alexa: What is your quest?

Alexa: What does the fox say? (So many different answers)

Of course my two favorites are:

Alexa: Your mother was a hamster

Alexa: Beam me up

What are your favorite things to ask or tell Alexa? Siri or Google??

And now……… I’m back to bed!

Maybe one more………. what do you call a three humped camel?!?

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  • Rosie

    That is so cute! I didn’t know you could have fun with Alexa like that. I hope you feel better soon, dear Connie. You can forget the long “to do” list for a couple of days!

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