$100 Your Way #Giveaway November 2020

$100 Giveaway November

Hello little Peanuts!! This month to help a little with your holiday shopping I’ve upped the regular “$50 Your Way Giveaway” to $100. My way of saying thank you for visiting.

Coming up I have some great giveaways coming from my favorite companies!! Like a $50 Gift Card from Novica! A game from Winning Moves Games and an eye pillow from Hot Cherry Pillows   I’m hoping to add a couple more giveaways through out the month.

So October was a busy month for me. I had both hands operated on. Carpal Tunnel is no joke! Dannnnnng. I had no idea how much your hands could hurt. Surgery went great on both hands. (I had surgery about 10 days apart. NO WAY I would do both at the same time. I do NOT like The Husband that much!!) I was so amazed that the surgery is done in the office and you CAN WATCH the entire thing!! It was so cool and so gross at the same time. (Note to others don’t get your head in the way of the doctor or you’ll be eye to eye with the doctor sporting micro goggles! Ya gotta let the man work!) My hands no longer have that stabbing, sharp pain YEAH!!!! I still don’t have feeling in all my fingertips, but it’s getting better day by day.

We had our first snow of the year here in Sandpoint Idaho, but it’s mostly gone now. Really just enough snow and melting to make the dirt road to the house a nightmare.

My update is super short and boring this month. Non working hands…. who knew???


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50  $100 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC’s would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!

Good Luck little Peanuts.  Stay safe and stay well!

$100 Giveaway November

612 thoughts on “$100 Your Way #Giveaway November 2020

  1. I’m doing okay a little stressed about Christmas this year with six kids and number seven on the way and all the other problems there are in the world right now but it could always be worse we have a roof over our heads and they have food in their stomachs so as long as we have that we’re doing okay this would be a huge help for Christmas like can’t even put into words how much of a help it would be thank you so much for the opportunity and good luck to everyone ?

  2. My day was great! It rained all day so my son and I lounged around all day and then I made swedish meatballs for dinner. We are relaxing again before bed.

  3. Just another quiet day at home. Putting together my grocery list to pick up on Wednesday (that is a strange spelling of a day -why not just wensday?)

  4. It’s the end of November. How on Earth did we get here so soon??? Well, when you consider how we began the year, things can only get better. Right? Right????? lol.

  5. My day has been pretty busy but not a bad day. Right now we are getting really bad thunder and rain storms, luckily I don’t have to go out in it .

  6. My day has gone fine so far. It has been mostly rainy and cold here today. The sun did peep out for a while. I am making leftover turkey into turkey potpie for dinner tonight.

  7. My day is going good. It’s feeling like Fall today, very chilly but as long as it isn’t snowing I’m good with it. Doing some cleaning and laundry.

  8. The candied lemon peel came out good, better than any other time I’ve tried it. I’m shocked, but what made a difference is you have to use double the amount of sugar as you use of water. 2:1. At least maybe… very rainy today, so no cleaning today – yippee!

  9. It’s 4am here and my day is just beginning, the birdlife is chirping outside and that portends to a bright day ahead

  10. 592 thoughts on “$100 Your Way #Giveaway November 2020”
    I am number 592
    It’s a nice feeling. I got my new Primus. Only about 20 got connected this year. It’s a US account.
    Yeah, I always wanted to marry an American.

  11. Lets see my twins woke up at 4am… thinking it was time to play.. then walked outside and slipped on ice.. burnt my hand on the toaster… and this was all before coffee ☕

  12. So far, so good! Enjoying and settling in with my new furry kitty companion and really enjoying having the company. I’m still working on a name but no rush there.

  13. I’m hoping the day will improve. It has started drizzling. It probably will be another dreary day. Gotta love that crazy Florida weather.

  14. Caught another mouse last night but the cat got to the trap before I did. Picture if you will Kate, wearing several layers, chasing the cat around the kitchen, trying to open the jaws of death to release the dead mouse & the trap. Besides all that, did anyone else see the moon last night?

  15. I am worn out. Been a long day. Got off work and am still up running around. But feeling pretty good, so I’m happy about that

  16. This has been such a gray, dreary day. It barely gets daylight anyway, so having even the daytime seem so dark is so depressing, lol.

    1. You need to invest in a couple of those daylight lamps – my sister swears by them. Guaranteed to lift the spirits!

  17. Good swim today with my friend. Then we stopped for an ice cream cone (for her) and a vanilla shake for me. Sun is shining.

  18. My day has gone fine so far. I finished up a big project I have been working on. We had some cake to celebrate a family birthday.

  19. Gorgeous day out, and I’m running in a dozen directions! Going to make some candied lemon peel later, from the organic lemons I got at Whole Foods – on sale!

  20. Today is wonderful as I got the cat I wanted from the shelter yesterday! Took a bit of nagging (aka multiple calls) to get it but well worth it! A lovely, smallish (8.2 pound) long haired black male fur ball now has me wrapped around his itty bitty kitty paws and we are both loving it!

  21. I am here today. Wasn’t there yesterday. I posted for Before The Wrath Movie Review and #GIVEAWAY!! #beforethewrathmovie – it does sound like a great movie. Marriages of those days in general are possibly better than today

  22. Here we are at Sunday.. tomorrow is the eclipse…let us see what that brings.. individually and collectively…as for me today I am decorating the tree in the gallery that was my mum’s.. put it up every year in her honour and my very old ceramic tree in the dining room.. the cats are going mad!!!

  23. Not much going on here. My husband and I are now on different sleep schedules. Kind of nice because we have alone time. lol

  24. My day had been good as the doctor and insurance company has finally given the go ahead for rotator cuff surgery. Yea, I see a light at the end of a tunnel.

  25. Today was my daughters birthday…fun times…wonderful dinner…music.. presents…a movie and later cake and ice cream.. the fun continues..oh and of course. champagne….

  26. Not a lot going on right now. I’m just watching holiday TV—which seems to be weird marathons of shows that have nothing to do with Thanksgiving or Christmas. Oh well, boring means no drama, so that’s fine.

  27. It’s a good day for all of us here. The sun is out, it’s not too cold, no wind, and we just had a lovely FaceTime call with friends who live overseas. What a treat!

  28. It’s another great day. I had a socially distanced visit with my mother in law. I love to hear her tell stories.

  29. So far, so good today. The Santa Ana winds have died down so I’m less concerned with fire danger. Fingers crossed that I’ll get the call from the animal shelter today to go pick up the kitty I picked.

  30. Last night I decided to have cheese on toast for dinner, put the bread in the toaster & went back to decorating. 10 minutes later the smoke alarm screeched – the toast hadn’t popped up & the kitchen was full of smoke. This morning I opened the windows & doors and in flew a wren. Luckily I managed to get him (?) out after about an hour so now I have to clean up bird poo as well as washing the curtains etc. AGH!!!

    1. Wow. Basically, you’re life turned into a slapstick sitcom for a day, lol. I bet it was hilarious to watch…but not so funny to actually experience!!

      1. I still can’t get rid of the smell. Maybe if I’d left the toast a bit longer I’d have created diamonds!

  31. We were online getting a few gift items for the birthdays and holidays coming up. We didnt find to many things online so will have to keep looking the next few weeks for the perfect gifts for the kids.

  32. Still sluggish from Thanksgiving yesterday. Excited though because my boyfriend and I are going on a socially distanced to the mountains next week!

  33. My cousin sent me a photo of me when I was two with her brother. She just started speaking to me in March after several years of not speaking. All last evening we chatted on Facebook about funny memories.

    1. That is so nice! I notice with holidays that it doesn’t seem out of place to touch base with someone after a long time, esp if there was any kind of distance due to a misunderstanding. I’ve done that a few time, taking a big gulp, a prayer and a dare, and so far so good, although I know to not overestimate or over rate it. Family fissures can start anew. ugghhh!

  34. Kind of a quiet day, and I hung around the ‘shanty.’ I looked online at Black Friday deals, but anything I’ve been seeking wasn’t much of a sale, only a few dollars off, so I didn’t get anything. No big deal, really, I’ve never actually shopped Black Friday before, neither at a store or online. Am I missing the best deals somewhere?

  35. I’m doing just okay, my childs father is keeping him from my during my Holiday break and I’m not to happy about it either so it’s making me depressed.

  36. I caught a mouse! Unfortunately there’s never only one of them so the quest continues. If only they understood that I love them as long as they stay out of the house.
    It hasn’t got above freezing for the last couple of days and I’m afraid to put the heating on in case I run out of oil. Mum had 2 work pensions & a widow’s pension and it’s been very tough adjusting to only my income to keep the house going.

  37. I just got up and the coffee is brewing… so far so good. I got thru Thanksgiving, alone but with several phone calls to feel like I was with loved ones. Now, I’m looking forward/hoping that I get a call from the local animal shelter to come pick up the kitty I picked a few days ago. There is another person that wants the same kitty so my fingers are crossed that I get the call!

  38. Had a wonderful day yesterday.. still get to see Macy’s parade which brings back all the memories of my childhood..then the Dog Show….today it is the tree!! all the boxes are up and after breakfast I am ready to go..last night I started taking out the Christmas dinnerware, one set, two more to go today…I also got some cake orders for next week so Monday will be a baking day.. what can I say I am so blessed and thankful…

  39. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was just me, lol. But my youngest nephew called to tell me he heard I made a ham…and to please save him some, lol. Hopefully, things will be looking up for everyone soon.

  40. Had either the vaccine or placebo yesterday. Feeling a little under the weather today. So that’s a good thing. Will get the second dose in a month.

  41. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Had a lovely dinner with my best friend. A 13 pound turkey so lots of leftovers.

    1. Hang in there. Hopefully better days are coming with these new vaccines. Know that you are valued, too!! Much respect to you healthcare workers!

  42. My day is going pretty well. We are having a small quiet Thanksgiving here this year. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  43. It is a Covid thanksgiving, and I was able to get through to a few relatives that typically I haven’t been able to, since many are home this year. It was good to talk with each of them, and so much can happen in between times. It was rainy this morning, and now it is sunny, with these giant mountain-high clouds in the distance. Not too fancy here, but grateful for decent health and well-being.

  44. It’s Thanksgiving, so my day is going great! There’s always something to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.

  45. My day is going fine so far. Our immediate family bubble had an early Thanksgiving meal yesterday. So today is a nice day with leftovers!

  46. I am a Canadian. I really don’t appreciate what US is saying about their traditional Thanksgiving. Some don’t want eat the turkey would pass it for chicken. I don,t understand. I would ask for Capon !

  47. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all..May we all be grateful for what we have.. there are so many suffering all over the world….I for one am so very thankful for the roof over my head, my family and especially for my wonderful daughter who puts up with me every day….

  48. I’m up super early (4am). Not that I’m doing it to put a turkey in the oven… not in 2020! I’ll be having a turkey frozen entree alone today, but remind myself that I am healthy, have a roof over my head and food to eat as well as wonderful friends and family. Stay well and stay strong everyone!

  49. We had to clean the fridge for the food we have made today so it all would fit in there and getting ready to bbq in the afternoon.

  50. It’s been a pretty day good. Our daughter graduated from college and we picked her up today. Her college made a good decision in the Summer to end the semester early so that the students would be home now due to Covid.

  51. Day is going good. So many specials at the grocery stores that are over after tomorrow, but I’m not going b/c of the crowd. Good thing is I was home and managed to force myself to do some paperwork that I had been dreading and managing to put off for a very long time. Then I felt so good I did it, that I felt like shouting it from the rooftops, yippee! It is amazing how some things can hold you hostage, not even sure why I get spooked, like seeing a spider and letting out screams and jumping up on a chair, it may not make sense, but can’t help it.

    1. Why do we do it, Rosie? Time & time again we put things off and make ourselves feel guilty & stressed, instead of just getting down to it!

  52. My day is going great, just got back from the grocery store and there weren’t too many people there so that was good.

  53. I made the dressing (stuffing) today and some bean salad. Since it’s just me, I only making stuff I like for Thanksgiving, lol.

  54. Lawn man finally came today.. 15 minutes after he finished 6am until 9..it started pouring.. grateful for the cut sad for all the people who live in low lying areas….got all my kitchen work done by 2pm.. pies cooling and the turkey marinating….time once again to sit and relax…

  55. I’m the 489 th person to reply. Let’s see, the cat wants out and it’s storming. I want to go back to bed but my radio is full of COVID-19. I’ll just say, see ya soon.

  56. I’m up early, hoping for a phone call to make it a very good day! I finally decided to adopt a kitty from our local animal shelter! Due to COVID, you can’t simply go in and pick one… you have to look online and make an appointment. Fingers crossed that I’ll be bringing home a beautiful, long haired, 2 year old black cat today!

  57. I woke at 6am – seriously what is going on with me? Anyway, discovered that the kitchen mouse had been back but avoided the traps again. I emptied the cupboards, pulled out the dishwasher …. droppings everywhere! It’s taken me 2 hours of hoovering & scrubbing so far.

  58. My day went fine, I taught my online classes and did some errands. I also decided where I’m going to order my thanksgiving dinner from.

  59. Good swim today. Just 6 other people in the pool. My friends were not there because of a doctor’s appointment. Now no more swimming until Sunday.

  60. Well, I decided to go ahead and cook the ham. I mean, it’s just me, so who says everything has to be done on Thursday, lol. I’ll cook the ham tonight and the dressing, etc., tomorrow. I’m just doing the foods I like since I’m basically cooking for me.

    1. That’s what I’m planning to do for Christmas. It’s usually me cooking for the family. This year could be veggie chow mein and Christmas pudding!

  61. My day has been going fine. I did some last minute shopping for groceries. I started making some items for Thanksgiving. I baked some cornbread for dressing/ stuffing. I made a cherry Jello-O dessert salad.

  62. Went to all the shoppes and got everything on my lists.. Tomorrow is my baking day so I made all the pie crusts so I can move early and start rolling…Defrost my turkey.. prep my stuffing.. clean the cauliflower and brussel sprouts make the cranberry sauce…Thursday should be a breeze I can sit relax and enjoy the holiday…. now I deserve a single malt and my papers….

  63. I’m a little sad today. I’ve been thinking of getting a cat and saw one that I liked this weekend. I spent a lot of time considering pro’s and con’s and by the time I decided, she was no longer available. But, now that I’ve made the decision, I’ll keep looking.

  64. Nothing much happening today. I’ll probably catch up on some paperwork before lunch then try to motivate myself to do a bit of housework.

  65. Today was a good day. I went to the grocery store for Thanksgiving meal items. I got two 13 – 14 pound turkeys for 29 cents a pound. I love it when I can get a small turkey for less than the cost of a chicken! I like to get extra turkeys for the freezer when they are so very cheap on special at Thanksgiving.

  66. My husband made apple crisp last night. One of my favorite desserts the cooks at the school used to make when I was growing up.

  67. Yesterday I was sitting in the sunshine, today … Oh dear God, I’m cold! The thought of a couple of months of this is just too much.

  68. Still awaiting the lawn man.. had 3 days of adverse weather alerts… have to make lists for tomorrow.. going to run around the village going to all the small shoppes to try and keep the economy here going.. I know I am just one person but have help as best as I can…

  69. I didn’t like only having one day off this weekend from dialysis but I will have Wednesday and Thursday off this week

  70. My stomach is doing a little better. Hopefully, it’s finished with this round of spasms, lol. It still does this every so often…just a little gift from sepsis.

  71. Good swim with my friend. Local cases of the virus are up and more restrictions in place, but I’m thankful that they are keeping the pools open.

  72. Day is going good. It is going to start raining soon, glad it isn’t snow! Looking up recipes for later. One thing I want to make is chocolate bark with dried cranberries and walnuts. I actually still have the ingredients, I typically end up snacking on the chips, dried fruits, etc., before I get to make the recipe, so this time I got double so I still had enough left! I guess you could say I’ve had “deconstructed” chocolate bark already…!

      1. yes, I put some in a couple of treat bags for the shut ins here, not so much to be nice, but to hurry before I eat it all.

  73. It’s a good day because I’ve decided it will be that way. Taking time to fill my lungs with big breaths hourly, and making sure I’m well-hydrated. I didn’t realize how dry I get working from home. Grateful to be able to work from home, though. Thanks.

  74. Would you believe I sat out in the sun today? I’ve got an almost floor-length fleece with a hood and with my fingerless gloves I was toasty warm. I still find it hard to concentrate on reading so I’m working my way through Mum’s dozens of crossword books!

  75. It is a dreary day here, but the day is going okay so far. For your “Say Hello” entry method, I went to the FB page but I can’t comment or post to your page.

  76. My day? I’m still healthy and so thankful that I’m able to self isolate and not have to go out and risk getting sick! I’m just starting my day, but have a nice cup of coffee and a warm house and my health – and know that is more than many. Stay well all!

  77. I’m doing good. We are staying healthy. I was able to cross 2 people off our Christmas list, Thanksgiving shopping is finished, and looking forward to preparing the much-awaited meal. It’ll just be my husband and I this year, which breaks my heart but it’s for the best.

  78. I didnt do much today. I’m really tired. I have dialysis tomorrow, which is normally my off day but our schedule is changed for the Holiday.

  79. I got into a vaccine trial study! I’ve been hoping to for months! It’s an over 50% chance I will get the vaccine and if I am able to complete the entire study I will also be paid $800 over the next two years!

  80. My day is going pretty well, just got home from grocery shopping and it was super hectic on a Saturday now just trying to stay warm as it is going to be like 25 degrees here tonight.

  81. Geeze, it seems lately all I want to do is sleep. I want to nod off all day long. Honestly, why am I so tired???

  82. I’ve been resting today bc I had the bright idea to go on a hike yesterday that included what felt like 5,000 stairs. My legs decided to punish me and went on strike today, refusing to move

  83. I’d like to try making breakfast pizza, I keep seeing it at Whole Foods where they make pizza, it looks good. Pizza with what looks like scrambled egg, cheese and maybe a little bacon.

  84. I’ve got a very clever mouse living under the kitchen sink where I keep the catfood. I loaded & baited 2 mousetraps last night & he got his meal but neither were sprung. The electronic beeper thingy doesn’t seem to affect him either. And as for Idris, he brings them in but hasn’t worked out that I’d like him to take them out as well!

  85. Pouring right now so hopefully the lawn man will come later.. he usually starts at 6am but not today.. off into the kitchen to bake bread and cookies….

  86. My Aunt is in the hospital so of course everyone is worried she has a lung infection so were just hoping she is feeling better today.

  87. I got in the holiday spirit and ordered a key lime pie and things to make appetizers with. Then went to the store and they put them in my trunk.

  88. My sister’s had a bad reaction to one of the post-op meds so I popped into town collecting new ones for her to try. Then I cleaned up her kitchen for her.

  89. Day is going good. Trying to get some things done. I was just reading about chestnuts, I’ve never had them before, nor made them. I want to try making them! Not sure what is the best way.

  90. My morning has started off good I’m getting ready for work and after work I plan to decorate my Christmas tree with my kids

  91. The lawn man is coming tomorrow so better get outside and make sure there are no branches or sticks in his way.. after that getting ready to re-pot some pointsettas

  92. It was hot outside today we just caught up on phone calls we had to make. Checked in on friends and loved ones too by phone and email.

  93. Today I went for breakfast and coffee with my daughter and then later in the day I took my grandson to his dentist appointment

  94. Today was an O.K. day. I had to work but it went well and tomorrow is Friday so it’s all good. Thanks for asking. Hope your day is going great. Happy Thanksgiving!

  95. Good swim today. Pool will be closed next week Thursday and Friday for the holiday so I made a reservation for next Tuesday. The good news is that it will be staying open, but may limit the number of people even lower (from 10 to 7, I think)
    After swimming I dropped off a few things at the thrift store and went by Wendy’s and got chili and a chocolate frosty.

  96. Well, Thanksgiving this year will just be me, lol. But I’ve decided to still make a Thanksgiving dinner, just the things I like, lol. So, ham but no turkey, dressing (stuffing) but no sweet potatoes of any sort, –a dinner to suit me, ha!

  97. I am having a really good day so far. My teen is in person school today and my husband had to leave on a business trip. I was planning to get a little cleaning and organizing done but changed my mind and am just going to sit here with another hot cup of coffee and browse the internet for a while.

  98. Well looks like today the sun will shine…have to finish up cleaning downstairs then making my lists for the holidays..Thanksgiving is a week from today so I have to be ready….

  99. My day has gone fine. I have been doing chores today. The weather is cool and getting colder. We had fajitas for lunch.

  100. Day is going ok, I feel better now. I heard from my sister who is having a large amount of problems, and so are two other elderly sisters. I’m not doing that great, but had always hoped I could help them, it is so frustrating. The first time I think in three years I couldn’t help but ball my eyes out, I pray and seek the Lord he will help.

    1. Oh, Rosie, I’m so sorry your sisters are having bother. A good old cry does work wonders though and I’m sure your faith will sustain you.

  101. I just saw a post where someone asked if 2020 were a drink, what would it be? Someone replied, ‘colonoscopy prep drink.’ Lol, yep. They nailed it! This year has been the pits.

  102. Today isn’t too bad, though I am seriously lacking sleep lol. Hope to be able to get caught up by going to bed earlier tonight. Hope your day is going well.

  103. My day is relatively good. I’ve got a vacation day and I am just chilling with the dog, catching up on stuff I usually don’t have time to do. My mom doesn’t have COVID yet, which makes me extremely happy, but the care center where she lives as 30 cases. So I am concerned about that.

  104. Well yesterday I became a great-grandmother… wow isn’t this amazing…sorry I couldn’t be there for the event….also wish my husband was around to see her….

  105. Hubby hasn’t been to work in 8 months since I am high risk. Found out today that not only is he getting a Christmas bonus, but it’s pretty generous for only working 3 months this year! 🙂 Needless to say the money is GREATLY appreciated.

  106. So far my day has been good. Weather is getting a bit colder but that is to be expected, I was getting a bit spoiled by the mild northern New England weather we have been having lately!

  107. Day is going good. Now is really getting cold. My ride service is picking me up soon so I can get groceries. Down vest and winter jacket today!

  108. Didn’t sleep well last night, so I’m tired starting out today. Going to the dentist later, so, it could be better.

  109. I switched on the kettle & headed to the road to bring in the empty recycling bin. Got back 2 hours later! Saw a weed & plucked it out, then another … actually great to get into the fresh air even if it’s cold & misty! Now for that tea!

  110. The house is spic and span. floor to ceiling beams.. downstairs well next week early…all that is left after Thanksgiving is to change the drapes in all the rooms and the tree.. outside lights probably Saturday… Need the ladder and climbing skills for that.. I should have bought more lights to go all over the house but the budget the budget…maybe someday there will be no budget.. wrong!

  111. I’m really trying to get back into blogging and started a giveaway today for a Sweepstakes Wins Record book. Wish I would have had something like that when I started entering giveaways 20+ years ago!

  112. Found out today that three cousins and two of their wives have been diagnosed with COVID. I hope they have mild cases. This so-called second wave is really hitting harder, I think.

  113. Nice day out today, but it is cold, winter is coming!! I don’t mind, I have plenty to do here. Torrential rains and heavy wind last night, there are leaks all over the place, ceiling coming down, I don’t know how the maintenance man gets away with saying there’s no leaks, other than the management loves it b/c then they feel they don’t need to fix them when the leaks don’t “exist.”

  114. Rain, rain, rain … you get the picture. And cold as well. That horrible damp cold that gets into your bones.

  115. Plumber did come yesterday. yeh!! all issues solved and a lovely new faucet installed.. yes I am excited about a new pretty faucet.. things are really interesting.. what if I received a new wardrobe I would lose my mind! LOL

  116. Not feeling well, hubby isn’t either. He has a cold like thing going on and I have some kind of stomach something er other. And guess who drank all the gingerale I got in just in case we started feeling bad this year? Probably will make him do a walmart pick up tomorrow. Men! lol

  117. Good swim today. Then a stop at the grocery store parking lot for them to load my groceries that I ordered online. The friends I always have Thanksgiving with are not having it this year for any people outside their house.

  118. We had a nice day today. I am working on some chores at home. It has been very windy today. Tonight the temperature will be much colder.

  119. Day is going good. Made some healthy bars with whole wheat and walnuts, added a little coconut sugar and banana flour, yummy! Went to a couple open houses at the complex this afternoon, they are having a hard time selling them, prices are going down, down, down. But prices of houses are going up, up, up.

  120. Ever since I had to get up early on Wednesday my body clock has insisted on rousing me at unearthly times. 7 o’clock this morning. On a Sunday, when there’s nowhere to go & nothing to do. One bit of good news though: we’re half-way through a 6 week lockdown and the number of new cases has halved thank goodness. If we keep this up we may get a Christmas after all.

  121. Plumber coming today.. heard this for a week but I am staying positive! No time for mass or breakfast want to be ready for him if he comes very early…

  122. My day is going good. The weather turned chilly today. Did laundry and some baking. Got some good news that my sister tested negative for Covid. She was with a friend who just tested positive so she was a bit concerned.

  123. Day is going good. It was dark and drizzling before, but has cleared up. Got the slow cooker chugging early this morning, and have been getting some chores done.

  124. My gut is still a little off today. Ugh. Well, it’ll pass and it’s not that bad. I’m thinking of making some vegetable soup or maybe chili.


  126. It’s cold, wet & windy and I’ve run out of milk. Still, if that’s all I’ve got to deal with then lucky me. I’ll just wrap up & plonk a hat on my paint-splattered hair …

  127. Today is the Hindu Festival Divali… the celebration of light over darkness….We used to go about the village looking at all the lovely lights and “deyas” in the yards lovely lights but it is pouring out and with the pandemic things have changed….but to honour my Hindu friends i will make a curry and a few other specialty dishes….Shug Divali all……

  128. Well, I continue my pattern of ‘all news is bad and nothing is ever easy’ lol. The orthopedist says my right femur has shifted and that’s why my right knee is leaning inward. It’s a potential fracture waiting to happen. (Probably the big shift is due to infection being in there when I had sepsis or MRSA.) She doesn’t want me walking on it too much until I see the specialist. (Just when necessary, like transferring to bed, bath, etc.) She’s thinking they might have to do some kind of knee fusion??? Because my crappy immune system does not make me a good candidate for knee replacement. Anyway, it can’t be put off because the leg could become unusable.

    1. Oh Tamra.. try and stay positive.. I know it is hard and easy for me to say but you have to keep on staying strong….

    2. Oh hell, not what you wanted to hear. Never mind, you can still dance with a fused knee! Did she give you a full leg brace to wear? I had to wear one for months after I dislocated my knee. Really helped.

      1. She made me an appt. with a specialist on Dec. 8, because she said, honestly, it was beyond her skills. Apparently, it’s unusual—well, of course it is, lol. It wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t weird!! The specialist does difficult cases. He’s ‘looking forward to seeing me.’ Great. Just what you want to be–that weird case that fascinates the specialists!!

  129. It is a cold and rainy Friday. I walked to town, anyway, to do a few chores. I’m in the mood to burn one of my new Yankee candles but it is too late to start it, you need to be able to burn the large ones 4-5 hours, so the wax melts to the edges, or else it just starts a big hole in the middle. So tomorrow for the candles, nice fall scents!

  130. I had to collect my sister from Dublin – surgery went well, though she’s very sore and felt every bump in the road. Going to dig out some homemade soup from the freezer. It’s that kind of a day. Oh, Tamra, I got my cuddle!

  131. My day is going fine so far. It is cool here now. It will warm up during the day. We are catching up on some chores today.

  132. I don’t have anything much to report from here. Just the same old stuff. Listing on eBay and hoping stuff sells. . .

  133. My day is ending with me finally relaxing by the computer screen. My hubby broke his foot so I am hired or should I say working for free doing all the barn work. My body is killing me most of the time haha. I haven’t used these muscles like this in a long time. But we are getting thru it and I just consider it my daily exercises x2 a day. I have taken alot of showers too. I surely don’t want to go anywhere and smell like the cows or pigs or the chicken coop either. So if I win this I am going for a massage as a treat just for me. I usually don’t go and spend the money on that but this warrants some tlc haha.

  134. Today I didnt do much but I did get some bad news. My mom may have covid. She will have results soon but she said this is the worst she’s ever felt in her life.

  135. My day has been great! I am homeschooling my kids and we were able to get all their assignments for the week completed today! They are the best students! 🙂

  136. I have a doctor’s appt. tomorrow–Friday the 13th—about my right knee. On Friday the 13th, lol. In 2020. What could possibly go wrong, right????

  137. Cold and rainy day today, so decided to not walk to town! Was trying to help someone with Medicare issues, it can be very hard for some people to navigate Medicare benefits, concerns, issues, and there is a dearth of people to help.

  138. I am doing fine today. It is cloudy and overcast. There have been flash flood warnings and we are staying at home, as usual.

  139. I’m exhausted after yesterday’s early start and cold. I need a cuddle! Where’s that damn cat when I want him!

  140. I realized that most of my Nesquick vanilla milk flavoring was used by. y husband. I guess husbands tend to do things like that. lol

  141. Well, my gut issues are acting up. I dread those days. And how do I respond? By stress eating, of course, lol. Hershey’s, Almond Joy & Reese’s fun sizes, I love you.

  142. Electrician came and fixed a switch and a 12v plug… charged us very decently..well we have been using him for the 21 years we have lived here..we are loyal to a good professional… hopefully tomorrow the plumber will come to change the bathroom faucet..spent my day deep in clorox washing the walkways…

  143. Day is going good. Have quite a few chores to do, and I am soo good at putting off ones that I don’t like to do, or make me anxious. I was thinking yesterday that having a chore I absolutely hate helps me get other things done, because in my mind I say I will do all these other things so I don’t have time to do the one(s) I hate!

  144. My day is going great so far. One of our area stores is selling their own brand of frozen turkeys for 39 cent a pound, limit 2. Unlike all the other stores whose turkey prices are mostly quite higher, there is no minimum purchase of $35. or $50. to get that turkey price. They didn’t make a big deal of this promotion. I just noticed it when I read the store ad. So I was able to get 2 turkeys, both around 11 pounds, for just over $4. each. That’s much cheaper than a chicken. So, today I am boiling one on the stove top and roasting 1 in the oven. I’ll be putting most of the meat in the freezer.

  145. Up at 3.30, collected sister @ 4am and dropped her off at the hospital at 6. Then turned around and came straight home. It was an absolutely horrid drive; gale warnings, non-stop rain.

  146. Today I took my grandson to school and picked him up. I picked up groceries and then picked my daughter up from the airport and went to dinner.

  147. We’re making hot chocolate at the moment. When we did a Walmart pick up they somehow gave us 4 gallons of milk instead of the 2 we ordered, and so we’ve been using milk like crazy lately. lol

  148. Went out yesterday shopping…got everything done and home by half 3….bulk shop, grocery store, pharmacy, hardware, department store at the Mall… I have not been to the Mall since my husband passed away and that was 3 years ago.. it is so strange to see this beautifully decorated space so semi deserted…a good amount of the shoppes closed. for a small island nation we have quite a few large very beautifully laid out and decorated shopping malls now this one here in the east looks so sad..

  149. It’s downright warm out there today. Weird. Mother Nature has gone all 2020 on us here in KY, lol. But, hey, I’m okay with that.

  150. We’re having another beautiful day here. The sun is shining and the temperature is really warm, unusual for November. In fact, we’ve broken a few records for the temperature.

  151. I’m pinching myself – another gorgeous day – for almost mid-November! Some say there may be a run on toilet paper again, so I’m waiting for my delivery today, not going to go through the embarrassment of begging people for a roll or two again, if I can help it. Might be able to give out a few, too! I still haven’t been able to find 91% isopropyl alochol!

  152. I going to do some sit-down painting today, pain or no pain. Just frustrated at having to leave things half-done.

  153. We finished listening to the latest book in a series we are reading yesterday. Kinda floundering as to what to read next, so right now we’re listening to “Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know” while hubby is making potato soup.

  154. Snow is the word for today and that’s what it’s doing right now. Supposed to get up to 3 inches.
    I did go out to Arby’s for the Bronco special since they managed to get a touchdown even though they lost the game.

  155. So far so good. I’m working from home. The weather is awful because we are getting a tropical storm but nothing too bad.

  156. I had a long wait at the eye doctor’s office this morning, so that got me kind of backed up with other things I needed to do today.

  157. Sending healing thoughts for your hands! My day is going well – in the almost daily battle against ants in the kitchen, I’m winning! There is NOTHING there for them, but they keep coming back… but I’m hoping cold will turn the tide in my favor!

  158. it’s a good day. snow’s finally stopped for the time being. there is promise in the health and political fields so onward and upward. thanks

  159. Yesterday, I had 3 vodka with Clamato – boy did I find out what a mess I can get into!&!? I don’t even remember eating my salmon. What a mess?!?!! Who ate, Brando and his G?!???

  160. My sister had to have a Covid test yesterday. She’s finally getting the surgery she should have had back in March – YAY!!! I have to take her to Dublin on Wednesday, leaving here at 4.30am – UGH!!!

  161. My day is going fine so far, just getting started. Weather is spectacular for November, hitting a record high today.

  162. My day was going great! It was beautiful outdoors! Then the Chicago Bears started to play crappy and lost again! That ruined my afternoon!

  163. Today the temp. was in the 70’s but the wind was so strong and it blew all the leaves all over the place all day. Hope to get back out tomorrow and rake up the leaves.

  164. Good swim today with my friend. Then a Zoom meeting with the Sage Singers to hear a story from one of our members. She’s led an interesting life.

  165. 20 degrees in Idaho. That’s kinda cold. It’s 20 degrees C here in Ontario (which translates to 68 degrees F). Not too shabby at all.

  166. Day is going well. We’ve had beautiful weather today and yesterday and enjoyed some time outdoors this weekend.

  167. It has been a fine day so far. I got busy this morning and organized our evening meal. It is in the oven now and it is almost finished.

  168. My day is going pretty well so far, taking some time for me to rest and relax and de-stress after a week that was a bit hectic. Hope your day is going good too!

  169. Picture this if you will: It’s 3am, I’m finally fast asleep, snug as a bug and all that, when the cat joins me. Aw, lovely, I think to myself. Said cat, who shall remain nameless today as an indication of my disproval, then proceeds to violently throw up all over the quilt, the carpet & me. ’nuff said.

  170. Today I was up at 4 am to take my daughter to the Airport. Then later my grandkids came over for a bit. I am super tired.

  171. We are still listing on eBay, staying home, etc. Got a spam phone call at 8 am. On a Saturday? You think anyone you call at 8 AM on a Saturday will donate money to your cause? lol

  172. Today was great! I got to see my daughter for the first time in a few weeks. We keep our distance, but seeing those lovely blue eyes made my day.

  173. Beautiful day out, and 70 degrees! My beef barley soup is in the slow cooker, and I’m looking at Medicare Advantage plans, hard to decide.

  174. I’m hoping to hear from my consultant this week re. the latest MRI on my hip. Honestly this pain is driving me up the walls because I can’t do anything without it hurting. Enough of me, hope you’re all well & safe!

  175. Perfect sunny day to stain the doors downstairs…Always try to do it before the holidays, a light coat to brighten and make them shine…Where is that brush???

  176. Quiet day until this evening. Boom! Power goes out for 45 minutes. Comes back long enough to set the clock on the microwave and start the computer. Boom! Power goes out for another 30 minutes. Glad I can read books on my kindle.

  177. I’ve been telling my husband he needs to call his dad. They talked for an hour but my husband neglected to tell them we are wanting to video call with them for the holidays. lol

  178. It’s Friday! Woo hoo! And I managed to take a couple more steps today. I’ll be walking before you know it!

  179. Day is going good, it is almost 70 degrees and last week it was longjohns and shivering, yippee! I just got back from Whole Foods, just getting a few things to tide over. I put things in the cart then put half back saying to myself, what was I thinking, very pricy !!! Have the ingredients now to make beef barley soup in the slow cooker, tomorrow, if things go as planned. I’ve been looking for hull-less barley instead of pearl, it is more nutritious, can’t find it at any store.

  180. Looking like I might have to call a plumber . My washing machine is backing up into my basement sink and now when I wash dishes that is where the water is going . So I am thinking I have a clog in the sewer line so hopefully it wont cost me and arm and leg lol.

  181. It has been a good day so far. It is cold this morning. It should warm up this afternoon, then we can look forward to the weekend!

  182. Got so much done that today I can slide along at a leisurely pace….regular chores then something easy like dusting the books in the guest room bookcases…the cats will help…

  183. Good swimming today but without my friend. She called and said since the weather was so nice she just wanted to concentrate on her yard and garden. 76 degrees and sunshine.

  184. I just noticed that the comments are in the opposite order this month, lol. Went to the new blood doctor today. (For anemia that has persisted since my original sepsis and the bleeds in my colon back then, along with the MRSA infection from that Picc line.) I’m hoping that this blood work will show some improvement since I got home because I’ve been able to eat healthier here (nursing home food is processed, prepackaged crap for the most part.) And I’ve been able to use better quality supplements here, like liquid iron instead of the pills–people with gut issues like mine often have trouble absorbing pills. I hope it shows improvement.

  185. One of my regular blood tests has to be redone which is a little worrying but other than that not a whole lot happening.

  186. Well honestly I would like nothing better today than to go to the beach since the government has lifted the ban on beaches.. but…the to-do list grows every day..maybe I can pretend as I weed the flower beds that I am sitting at the waters edge reading….

  187. Glad the hand surgery went well, you can be a lady of leisure for this month! Now who will stuff and cook the turkey?!! I’m on pins and needles watching the election, I tear myself away, then have to peek again every few minutes! Biden has 264 at this moment, waiting on Georgia. The only person more riveted right now is probably Trump! I read we may not know until Friday! FRIDAY?!!1 Ahhh! At this point, I don’t care who wins, but I want to KNOW!

  188. Got a good bit accomplished today….tried to do some bathroom sink plumbing but that was not wise.. have to buy a new bathroom sink faucet set.. on Monday coming not this week… we can either bucket the sink or use the utility or kitchen or my en suite sink.. no need to troop downstairs it is only the sink….well that is that for the plumbing.. went on to do some hydroponic gardening in the rain.. perfect…..

  189. Well, for anyone frustrated with slow election results, I just heard a doctor say that swearing actually makes people feel better, lol. Apparently, it releases endorphins, etc., which makes us feel better. Good to know!

  190. Well…staples come out of my leg today. A little apprehensive about that. My hubby promised me ice cream afterwards!

  191. My day is going great. Woke up to a sunshiny day. And the weather is going to warm up for the next few days too. Bonus

  192. I actually put the central heating on last night. Just for an hour to take the edge off as I’m scared of running out of oil. I’m still trying to adjust the household budget and bring down the bills now that Mum’s 2 work pensions & her widow’s pension are out of the equation. It’s a tough one.

  193. My day has gone great so far. I’ve won a $10 Amazon gift card and a $100 gift card to a clothing website.

  194. My day is off to a good start. I’m unsure how the evening because my hubby insists on watching the election results and I’ve had enough.

  195. Got more info on my medical issue, still waiting on appt for an MRI.. very slow process, I need some cheering up with a WIN !

  196. My day is going ok. I got some news this morning – something I’ve been working on for years has finally completed. It’s bittersweet but I’m glad that it’s finally done.

  197. Get out and vote America! The rest of the world is hoping for a safe and peaceful outcome on this day of days.

  198. So far its only 9am, i made huevos con chorizo for breakfast, took my vitamins, and settled in for my daily contest entering and job hunt. So pretty good day so far!

  199. Today went pretty well! Got almost al =l of my christmas shopping finished- just need to order a few more things- thank goodness for online shopping!

  200. Looks like a bright sunny morning.. might change by afternoon so getting out to do some yard, garden work…starting with the outside windows.. not crazy about climbing the big ladder but here I go..

  201. Physical therapy came by today and it feels like my knee is getting better, so that’s good. Onward and upward, lol.

  202. My day has been going well. It is very cold here. I made a vegetable stir fry for dinner that was tasty and filling.

  203. I had a wonderful day! To myself— I had grocery shopping to do, so I thought hey might as well pop into some thrift stores, you never know what you will find! I’m making quilts now and I always luck out and find lots of odds and end for cheap. Was a great day! Even found a RIGHT sort of 5 quart pot I really needed!

  204. Quiet day at home. Did go out to get the Bronco special at Arbys.

    Connie, did you see that the Broncos came from way behind to win at the last minute yesterday?

  205. My day is going great, nice walk in the sunshine, hot coffee, met a friend on the trail and had a chat. Nice lunch with hubby and made some yummy oatmeal cookies.

  206. My day is going great! I am teaching remotely (partially because I have a broken leg.) All of my students were there for each class! It is so rewarding when they all show up.

  207. It is tropical rain today.. pouring down buckets! Delilah said please do not walk me this morning…but I did quickly dried her off and she is back at position on the patio downstairs… out of the rain but watching it intently….as soon as the thunder boomed the kitty’s ran under the bed…as for me taking the day off..maybe cleaning my closet.. maybe cleaning my bureau and chest drawers or maybe not!! coffee and my book seems like the thing for now….

  208. Leaving for Dublin soon. In a way I’m hoping that they find something wrong that would explain 2+ years of pain other than ‘just’ a torn tendon. Actually all I want is for the pain to go away so I can sleep at night.

  209. It felt like a very long day today. I ran errands and checked in on my father in law. I did have a break from the kids virtual learning since it was Sunday!

  210. Starting my day off so far so good suppose to be a bit cooler here today hope it is so hot and humid here in Florida

  211. We were buy today repainting our old rod iron plant holders which took us 1/2 the day to get done now they are dry to use.

  212. Had a good swim with my friend. Then went to her house and did a load of laundry and watched the Broncos beat the Chargers.
    I’ll be glad to get the $100 for this month. Thanks.

  213. Since the time changed this morning, Ive been out of sorts. I took a nice nap. Something I never do.

  214. I am not happy with the time change. It takes my body about a week to adjust. I’m happy your hands are feeling better.

  215. Having a good day! My Indpls Colts just won and we got an extra hour of sleep last night. But I will miss October…

  216. I got to sleep an extra hour today due to daylight savings time! It is a pretty low key Sunday in my household.

  217. I’m a bit tired from Halloween last night. Giving out goodies then putting our large decorations in the garage kind of tired me out

  218. It has been a good day so far. It is. cold and rainy. I went grocery shopping this morning and am doing some chores now.

  219. it’s going well so far. some candies were left over from last night so they will be parcelled up and delivered (safely) to a friend who can’t get out. a surprise for them and saves me from ‘having’ to eat it. thanks

  220. Happy to help, Connie!
    It’s a flipping horrible start to November: dark and wet with wild wind so I’ve taken an executive decision to do as little as possible apart from eating chocolate and listening to a play or three on the radio. Heading to Dublin early-ish tomorrow for another MRI on my hip. At least with the lockdown the traffic’s not too bad.

  221. Oh Connie what a great way to start my day.. you are pain free on your hands…wonderful news…it is a rainy Sunday here on All Saints Day.. going to watch Mass then play all day with the puppy and kittens… if they allow me I shall read….

    1. Hey Connie, I can’t comment, I can only reply. But I am in pretty bad pain this morning, laid up with a bum shoulder, waiting for my massage therapy appointment tomorrow.

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