11 Things to Be Considered Before Buying Clip In Hair Extensions

If you want to make your hair look longer, thicker, and more luxurious, then might you consider clip in hair extensions. They’re an easy and quick way to add more to your hair extensions. Invisible Clip in hair extenions are one of the most famous methods of extensions available on the market.

 Various brands are available at different prices; it becomes hard to know what to look for to get the perfect hair extensions. In this blog, we have put the essential factors to consider before buying to ensure you get the best clip in hair extensions. 

Is your Hair being Suitable for Clip In Hair Extension?

The first step is to consider clip in hair extensions that are good for you. Various hair textures and types will need different methods. Perfect hair is not always best for this type of extension, as it can be hard to cover the lace wefts when placed high upon the head. For weak hair the weight of extensions can also be heavy. Consider these points before buying to avoid any damage if you’ve fine hair.

Weight of Extensions?

The weight of extensions shows how much hair is contained with them. Hair extensions are weighted in grams; the heavier the weight and the thicker your extensions will be.

 If you’ve thick hair, you’ll need to select a more substantial set of extensions to make the perfect blend. Mostly the sets start at 125g, which is 30g more than other standards available on the market.

Extensions Made from Which Hair?

There are two different extensions: those made with synthetic material and those made from real hair. Mostly clip in extensions are made from synthetic hair and won’t take as long to style, but they won’t last a long time. Thus, it may cost more upfront to get real hair, but it’ll save your money in the long run since this lasts longer. 

Another good thing about real hair is that you can change the style whenever you put them in. If you need to use the same type repeatedly, then synthetic hair will help you achieve that goal, as it’ll hang on curl longer. However, if you need the freedom to change things up, getting real hair will help you. 

Are Clips Silicone Lined?

The types of clips used on hair extensions can affect how they sit in hair. Silicone-lined clips are specially designed to sit in hair more comfortably and give a protective barrier between the clip and hair, which means less damage. If you plan to wear the hair extensions daily, choose silicone lined clips for your hair’s best option. 

Buy Quality Extension

If you go for cheap and bad quality extensions, there’s no way that extension will last for a long time. Hair extensions are made from real hair, but there are some made from artificial hair extensions. 

It would help if you went for authentic extensions for hair to last for a long time. You can have extensions that are fixed to your hair or those you can put on and remove. So, when you go to buy extensions, invest in high-quality hair extensions. 

Hair Length

Before buying, pay attention to how long you need the extensions. The extensions are attached to the center of the hair. So, when you take a measurement, take from the center to the tips. You should add a few inches so that you can get a rough idea of the best length you want. 

Consider Cost

Here is another thing you must need to pay attention to the price of the extension. The price of extension goes at different rates depending on their size and quality. Since you never want to overpay for the extension, you should take time and walk around to compare the price charged by other stores. 

When you are purchasing the extension, you must note that real extensions tend to be expensive compared to synthetic extensions. Long hair has tended to cost more than short extensions. So, you have to do your best research and find the perfect place to purchase high-quality clip in hair extensions at a low price. 


Buy the Perfect Color

The color you select for your hair extension has a substantial impact on the look that you make. You should avoid a color that doesn’t match your skin color. (if you are confused about hair extension color, you should read our previous blog about the best hair extensions according to your skin color). 

Understand System

When we talk about clip in extensions, you should understand what every system consists of. Generally, the method includes different extensions that come with wefts of different widths. 

Depending on the look you need to attain and your comfort level in wearing extensions, you can add one system to your hair, or may you need more than one. Ordering one product will provide you the best idea of what you’re working with, and if it is enough to get the look you need. If it’s not, then it’s relatively easy to order more.

Parting Shot

Purchasing the perfect clip in hair extension is not everything. It would help if you needed to take good care of your extensions to last for a long time and give you the service you’re searching for. 

It would help if you washed the hair extension properly. It’s quite important if you’ve Remy hair extension. When you clean the extension, ensure that you use the right products to clean extensions such as shampoo and conditioner.

Check Reviews

It’s the comments from various users who buy the product from the store, and after use, they leave a comment. Before buying, you should read the review about the extension to know what other users think about the product. It’s the best thing that will guide you in buying the product.


Hair extensions are a vital part of most girls to give them a stunning and elegant look. But before buying the hair extensions, few things are essential to understand. These things are mentioned in this blog, so you must consider these tips before buying the hair extensions clip. 


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