Revealed! The most common vacation mishaps and how you can avoid them

There’s nothing more exciting than knowing your vacation is coming up. Whether you’re planning a family trip or you’re heading off on a solo adventure, working hard all year long, saving every penny and counting down the days suddenly seems worth it.

The best way to ensure your vacation goes ahead without a hitch is with careful and prudent planning. However, with so many potential disasters it’s not always easy to spot them before it’s too late. So, with this in mind, I’ve gathered together a list of the most common vacation mishaps and how you can avoid them. Good Luck!


Your holiday gets cancelled

There are many circumstances which could leave your holiday suddenly cancelled, with coronavirus being the most common reason at the moment. With travel restrictions on international travel changing daily, you could be heading to the airport one minute only to be told to go home when you get there. In these instances, there’s not much you can do to prevent a holiday cancellation, however credit fix has put together an infographic detailing the steps you should take to either get your money back or rebook your break, click the link to see more.

Not doing any research

There’s a certain level of spontaneity when it comes to holidays, however, if you fail to do any kind of research before you head off on vacation then you could inadvertently make your trip all the more difficult. Especially if you get there and there’s no Wi-Fi and you’re struggling to connect to the internet.

If you’re travelling with young children, researching child-friendly places to eat and activities is essential. Or if you’re travelling somewhere with conservative views on clothing or you’re visiting somewhere that can be considered quite dangerous for tourists then research is vital!

Forgetting your passport/travel documents

You’ve been packing and re-packing your suitcase every day for a month, and you’re finally certain you have everything you need. But how convinced are you? You wouldn’t be the first person to head to the airport and realize they’ve left their passport at home on the side table. Or they didn’t know that their passport had expired.

Always check the expiry date on your passport before you book a holiday. And keep your passport safely tucked away either in a pocket in your clothing, or in a Ziplock bag with all your other travel documents and store them in an easy to access bag. Always make physical and digital copies of these documents available!

Finally, losing your luggage

So, you’ve made it to your destination but your bags apparently, haven’t. Nightmare! You may have access to some of your luggage which means you can probably start your vacation and wait to hear from baggage claim.

The best way to avoid this holiday mishap is by checking in for your flight as early as possible so the airport has more time to handle your luggage and get it on your flight. Always travel with a bag that stands out! Having photos of your luggage will also make it easier for baggage claim to recognize it as yours.


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