First the “killer” fish Salt & Pepper ate yet aNOTHER fish tank thermometer!! They ate the top right off!!  
This shot is all washed out but I need to show you the size these “killer” fish.  They move rocks, they eat every thermometer I put in the tank!! 

Ohhh I have to share 2 of my wins that arrived today.  The cutest pot holders in an oatmeal color with just a touch of green. SO cute!!!   This is from Missy at BeingMomZooKeeper  You should go check out her site. She blogs, she crafts all with TWELVE CHILDREN!!!
Thank YOU Missy!!
Then a set of LunchSkins from The Bragging Mommy  How CUTE are these??  I can just toss these into my purse! Have snacks will travel!!  Thank you!! Somebody bring me some M&M’s for my LunchSkins!  Please!?!?

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