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1byOne Video Doorbell Review

I’ve told you before that our neighborhood has changed dramatically in the past 30 years. When we moved in this was a quiet and safe neighborhood, now…. not so much. We do everything we can to keep our home and family safe. We have an alarm system. We have a video camera on the front porch. Now we have a really COOL device for even more added security. This is a Video Door Phone. Not just a video doorbell but a video intercom. This works great day and night with wonderful picture quality.

This is not wireless, it’s definitely not a replacement for our old doorbell. This door phone required some work. I’m very thankful that The Husband is an electrician because this was above my skill set. I wanted no wires showing when this was set up so installation did take a trip into the attic for The Husband.

1byone includes plenty of wire (45 feet worth!) to go from the front porch (in the attic) to the wall in our family room. The Husband drilled a hole on the front porch to the inside of the garage. He snaked the wire up the wall to the attic. From the attic to the closet inside the house that houses our furnace. The Husband drilled a hole to feed the wire from the furnace closet thru the wall in the family room. Our video control monitor is easily seen from the comfort of our couch. How sweet is THAT?!? However, this is not a hands-free communication center. To talk to the person on the porch you will have to hold down the button on the control monitor.

When someone rings the doorbell the screen immediately turns on and thanks to the fish-eye lens I can see the entire porch, easily seeing the person on the porch. I do wish there was a way to leave the screen on 24/7 like a video surveillance screen. In order to see the porch you do have to press the camera button which will turn on the camera outside, the camera stays on for 40 seconds. There is an audible sound when you push the button so people on the porch will be alerted so there is no stealth mode.

I do love the fact that the 7″ color video screen is large enough that I can clearly see who is at the door.

There are 14 different melodies to choose from on this doorbell. I can adjust the color, brightness and volume from the control center. Also included is a weather shield that will keep rain or water from harming the camera.

IF you have electric door locks you can easily unlock the door from the comfort of your home at the security panel.

This is not WIFI. You can not connect it to your iPad or mobile phone. This 1byone doorbell is hardwired in. Which in my opinion is best. It can NOT be hacked!!

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I have a couple of whines; this video doorbell was not a “just two wires” type installation. If The Husband wasn’t so handy this would still be in the box! The doorbell tones are long. There is no short ding-dong. It wouldn’t be so bad except the sound is a little off-key. I also wish I could leave the screen on 24/7 and monitor the porch. However, even with my whines I am very pleased with this video door phone. This is a wonderful addition to our home security!!



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