• Happy Saturday!

    Ahhhhhhhh the weekend is here! Finally!! I came home from work to spaghetti & meatballs simmering on the stove and even a bottle of wine sitting out! Ahhhhhhh now that’s a nice way to start the weekend … except now I’m enjoying a glass of wine and some little *&#%)(&# is sitting in his car parked under the window with his radio blaring so loud it’s making my windows shake. My weekend started out so good too… two different patients in for yearly eye exams, commented on the weight I’d lost since they were last in. That made my day! Especially since I haven’t budged in over 3 weeks (Yes,…

  • Meow!!!

    Why does a day off have to go soooooooooo fast?!!? I got nothing done around the house…… oh well, sometimes just veggin’ out is way more important! So today instead of blog post you get 2 of my favorite YouTube video’s. Be careful with the 2nd one there is some bad language in the captioning. Be sure and turn your speakers on. Enjoy! I’m going to bed and rest up for what promises to be an extremely busy Saturday at work!!

  • I’m winning!!

    Okay so I really REALLY REALLY need to go to bed early!! First thing this morning I go out the front door for my morning walk with Kaki… only to be laughed at and sent back into the house…. for SHOES!! YOU can’t walk in your SLIPPERS!!! I stay up way too late! It’s this stupid Bejeweled game on Facebook it calls my name until midnight or 1a.m. (Mostly I play till I beat Dan — The Talent–Price) I am ahead of Dan right now… so maybe I will actually get to bed early…. wait that ship has sailed it’s already 10:30 so well… maybe just one more game.

  • Really?!?!

    Okay really who gives ME a cell phone to finish a text message!?!? ME?! REALLY!?!? HELLO?!!? Miss Barbara you’ve known me for 8 years HOW did that seem like a good idea!?!? Today we had a girls lunch out. Barbara’s son Kenny text messaged that he had landed safe and sound from his trip to New York (Kenny cheered the Lakers to another win) Barbara started a text while waiting for everyone to get in the car and buckled up. I offered to finish the text….. Barbara says “Okay”?!?!?! ( what? REALLY!?) Now to make this more funny…… Miss Barbara doesn’t cuss. Even more funny? I got Bitc typed in…

  • And away we go……..

    Okay, so I’m ready to start the new blog!! I’m unpacking all my pictures… I’m getting the page organized.. I’m trying to make it pretty….I’m trying to figure out all these new buttons and I’m totally lost…. So Hello… I’m glad you found me again… or for the first time. Now go away while I get my page set up. Wait…that was just plain rude!! Please don’t go away forever… just umm till tomorrow?? Thank you!! See ya tomorrow! I promise!

  • Hawaii Chair

    Can you just see ME behind the desk greeting new patients into our office while using the Hawaii Chair?? People already think I’m nuts….. then there is the whole trying to write notes? or even type? Or really even trying to talk on the phone?!!? BUT 8 hours of Hawaii Chair exercise just think how skinny I’d be in a WEEK!!! So please? Can I have one? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee??? (Maybe I shouldn’t have talked bad about the chair before asking for one…. hummmm must re-think my begging strategies!)