Happy Saturday!

Ahhhhhhhh the weekend is here! Finally!! I came home from work to spaghetti & meatballs simmering on the stove and even a bottle of wine sitting out! Ahhhhhhh now that’s a nice way to start the weekend … except now I’m enjoying a glass of wine and some little *&#%)(&# is sitting in his car parked under the window with his radio blaring so loud it’s making my windows shake. My weekend started out so good too… two different patients in for yearly eye exams, commented on the weight I’d lost since they were last in. That made my day! Especially since I haven’t budged in over 3 weeks (Yes, apparently I do need competition to lose even a pound). Now if I can just get my game hat back on…….. but right now… what I would most like to do is go outside and rip the stereo outta this little #&$#^@^#@ car with my bare hands!!

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