Owwww my eyes!!

Watched back-to-back DVDs today. I do love Netflix! DH and I each pick one movie in our queue each time. DH really should never EVER be allowed to pick, he has REALLY AWFUL taste in movies. Meteor that’s what DH picked. This movie was SO PAINFUL to watch HE LEFT the room!! It’s his PICK!! Shouldn’t he be forced to watch it to the end?!! I lasted about another 30 minutes then I had to turn it off. PAINFUL doesn’t even begin to describe this one. My pick was really GOOD! (Of course! Heeeeellllloooo my pick had Gerard Butler in it!!) Gamer (course if you don’t like the blood, guts, gore stuff…… ya might wanna pass) I can’t wait for From Paris with Love to come out! John Travolta! Ohhhhh baby!!

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