• What’s for dinner??

    This is an article written by Robert Krulwich: (I just want to add OH HELL NO!! NO NO NO NO!!! NOT even if you are buying!) There should be a law that says food on a plate shouldn’t move. Especially when you’re about to eat it. But this food in the video below? It moves. Oh boy, does it move. And thereby hangs a tale. (And before you watch, a warning: the squid you’re about to see is dead. Completely, totally dead, like a steak…and yet…)

  • I did IT!!

    I made it to 7pm! I was unplugged all day! DH did the front yard, I cleaned up magazines and picked up the house. THAT was HARD!!  Is anyone else this addicted to being online?BTW… didn’t actually TALK to DH… but I think he left me an email.

  • I love the public library!  (I am about to show my age here…) did you know you can DOWNLOAD a book to your iPod or Nook for free??  Now I’m not just talking a book you can read but an MP4 as well?!?!?  I LOVE this!!!!  I use to go through books on CD like crazy when I was working.  Now that I’m home all the time I don’t have a CD player handy……… but I do have an iPod!! What I don’t understand is why is there a checkout period?  Course I don’t understand how a fax works either so… never mind….. Okay done talking now, cause this book is scary!!!

  • Clouds

    These are cloud shots from my front door. I took these pictures in a matter of 15 minutes. (until that good LOOKIN’ kid came up the driveway!) Isn’t he so cute??

  • I want this!!!!

    Ya know…. an awful lot of my posts start with I want… I want…. I want…. hummmm must work on a new wording!! (nooo I’m not giving up the idea behind it!! Sorry DH!) This is the one I would pick if I won the giveaway on Two of a Kind Working on a Full House. The Pirates Bay Inflatable Play Park by Blast Zone is on sale for $499.99 with FREE shipping. Win It Bounce Houses Now is giving one of my readers $500 towards the Bounce House of their choice!! To enter, visit Bounce Houses Now and tell me which Bounce House you would choose(There are MANY under…