• BabyT was here!

    Today’s outing: First to Dana Point for a quick walk on the beach and see some beautiful ships.  Then on to Mission San Juan Capistrano.  And then home………… allllllll tuckered out! I swear BabyT has been more places in her 3 months than the whole 31 years I’ve lived in California!! Now for more information about the Tall Ships Festival click on the color picture above with the beautiful ships.  For more information about the 200 year old Mission in Capistrano Beach click any of the black & white photos (Well, except those of BabyT or well… never mind… just click the Mission pictures)

  • Luscious Metals Studios

    I have to share my beautiful necklace!!! I won a beautiful Luscious Metals Studios Sweetheart necklace on Mommy and Me Giveaways. .     It’s sooo pretty!!  I have been drooling over this necklace since the beginning of the Mommy & Me giveaway!  Natha did such a beautiful job!!  The three stones are for my 3 grandbabies, one in a light blue, one dark blue and a pearl.  Natha engraved their names on one side of the charm.  With “My Babies” on the back.  It’s sooooo pretty.  The necklace hangs from a delicate silver chain that catches the light.  I wish I could do this necklace justice with pictures and description. I guess you’ll just…

  • Wild Weekend Hop

    I am trying to get my numbers up for Google Friend Connect, Facebook and Twitter.  So I’m trying another blog hop today.  Let’s everyone keep our fingers crossed this one goes better than before!!  Soooooo HELLLLOOOOOO to my new followers! Thank you so much for the follow!! Now if you aren’t here from the hop….. well, you still could join the GoogleFriendConnect…..group…. Twitter… what about the daily newsletter??  Or you could just vote for me on Picket Fence… I’m shameless….. I will beg for hits…… Have a great weekend all.  And if you live back east?  BE SAFE!!! \

  • You’ll never see these ads again

       If the wording was different I’d blame Zachary for that one!! Yea…. I’ll follow you anywhere…… till I’m sure there are no possible witnesses!! Unfortunately, they are all dead now.   Who you callin’ CHUBBY!?!? After I take care of my toothache you can call me chubby and buy me a HOOVER… but not until. Come to think of it… you call me CHUBBY buy me a HOOVER and blow smoke in my face YOU will need the Cocaine TOOTHACHE drops NEXT!! I’m just NOT sure what to say….. The ONLY reason I’ll be fondling the vacuum is to check if it sucked up the HONKIN’ big DIAMOND ring that BETTER…

  • I’m going through withdrawals!!  For the last two days none of the blogs I subscribe to have arrived in my mail box.  NONE?! WHAAAAAA?????? Course not tooo awful bad tonight since I’m babysitting babyT and we just finished the last bottle.  Ummmm and she is WIDE awake…… panic may set in soon!!!!!! For both of us!

  • The Boys

    My kids are both in the same state school and I feel like my husband and I are throwing away thousands of dollars a month just on rent for them. We’ve been talking about getting a house for them to live in together and they obviously think it’s the best idea ever but I sure wish we could find something I knew they weren’t going to tear apart! I know they both like to party and I’m worried they’ll turn it into a 24/7 party house but I guess this is the point where I have to learn to trust them. We’ve been looking into allhomeSECURITY.com alarms for the place since…