2013 Kia Rio sx Part 3

2013 Kia Rio sx

2013 Kia Rio sx side viewI am so impressed with the back up camera on the 2013 Kia Rio sx, that I think it really needs it’s own separate post.

Here is my example……….. walk to the car …… get in…. and I’m outtttttta here!!  What you don’t see…………

2013 Kia Rio sx back up camera viewThis amazing Kia back up camera does!! Look at the quality of the picture for the backup camera!!  AMAZING!!!!!!! Seriously, that’s a clear picture!!!  Now… you won’t miss anything when you back out.  
2013 Kia Rio sx actual back up view

Look at how close these things were!!  I couldn’t see either one in the rear view mirror.

HAAAAAAAA!  I just saved the life of a nerf  football and a ride on John Deer!   I ROCK!!!!!  Ohh wait….yea yea yea… it’s mostly the 2013 Kia Rio sx that rocks….. I still get some credit…. I didn’t run over anything!

Disclosure I received a complimentary week driving the Kia Rio sx for the purpose of my review. (They aren’t letting me keep it…. right?  Yea… I checked.  They aren’t) No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.


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