Daughter Selena’s notes on the 2013 Kia Rio sx

    2013 Kia Rio sx

    Daughter Selena’s notes on the 2013 Kia Rio sx


    •  Once I got over the initial disorientation of keyless entry and keyless start I began to fall deeply, madly in love with the concept. As a new mom, that refuses to make two trips or to put anything down, being able to open the door without finding the key fob is AH-MAZING! I usually have to hook a frumpy carabiner on my belt loop or purse in order to have quick access to the fob, with that look I might as well have a fanny pack. 
    •  Bluetooth and Navigation system – since California has a very strict and VERY expensive hands free law for driving and I have no desire to wrap my car around a telephone pole this feature comes in very handy (or should I say very Handsfree) 
    • Lots of trunk space: I was able to fit a child sized Adirondack chair and my groceries with lots of space left. 

    Side note: since you can access the trunk from the backseat I was able to hide my computer bag in the trunk without announcing it to the public that I was putting my laptop in the trunk. 

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    • Ari T

      Oohh it would take me some time to get used to the keyless entry and keyless start. Not that I wouldn’t mind the convenience! Very cool, though! Like having an extra set of hands!

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