3 Dream Islands You Don’t Want To Miss

Dazzling panoramas, palm tree fringed beaches, romantic sunsets and exhilarating encounters in the wild, we’ve picked out our top three islands that you simply do not want to miss.

Santorini – Honeymooner’s Heaven

It’s the choice of screensaver for millions of Windows users. Ivory white and cobalt blue buildings nestling into a gently cascading escarpment culminating in black and red sands; Santorini is passion, romance – it’s the supermodel of the Greek islands.
And when the sun sets the reflection on the buildings and the glow of the orange and red in the cliffs can be truly breath-taking.

Indulge in the archaeological delights of the impressively preserved Ancient Akrotiri or climb the ancient stairs that lead to the historic city of Manolas in Thirassia.

Or, simply relax and drink in the amazing views and incredible cuisine in this Grecian idyll.

Bora Bora – Overflowing with beauty

The small island of Bora Bora (just 6 miles long and more than 2 miles wide) is bursting at the seams with sights to overwhelm the senses. Dubbed the ‘pearl of the Pacific’ by 18th Century British explorer James Cook, this French Polynesian paradise offers impossibly blue lagoons, white gold sands and an underwater world filled with captivating marine life.

If you’ve got the energy you can even hike up Mount Otemanu and visit Vaitape, Bora Bora’s quaint little town.

The Galapagos Islands – Untamed, exuberant nature

The isolated isles of the Galápagos lure those looking for exhilarating encounters in the wild.
This archipelago of 19 islands, situated around 100km off the coast of Ecuador’s is probably the most biodiverse location on the planet.

After all, where else can you observe giant tortoises grazing on tall blades of grass, short-feathered penguins waddling along the equator or blue-footed boobies conducting their unique mating ritual without flinching at the flash of your camera? More than 100 years after Charles Darwin visited during his legendary voyage aboard the Beagle, adventurers continue to use his footsteps as a guide for their own extraordinary journeys

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