3 Herbs with Exceptional Health Benefits

Are you searching for the next super food in order to be at your absolute best? There are many diets, drugs, and foods that can potentially help, but one powerful option may have escaped your consideration, herbs. Provided by nature, many herbs are loaded with health-enhancing benefits.

Herbs aren’t just for adding flavour to meals; the right herbs can improve the immune response, increase memory, and speed up the metabolism. There is almost certainly an herb available that will help you reach your health goal or ease your ailment. Best of all, that herb can probably be found online. Obtaining herbs online is easy and convenient.

Add the following herbs to your diet

1. Astragalus: Most people have never heard of this. It’s more commonly called milkvetch, goat’s thorn, or locoweed. The name notwithstanding, this herb is among the healthiest. If you’re suffering from diabetes, fibromyalgia, or the common cold, astragalus can help. It could even provide protection from heart disease. Look past the scary name and add this super-herb to your diet.

2. Beetroot Powder: Mum taught you to eat your vegetables, and while beets are an excellent health food, even greater benefits can be found in the root of the beet. Women can experience enhanced menstrual regulation and improved skin appearance. The natural cleansing benefits of beetroot are wonderful for the kidneys and liver. If you enjoy sweets, beetroot powder has a small amount of natural sugar and can be a substitute for less-healthy sweets.

3. Cayenne Pepper: This herb has numerous health benefits. From heartburn to nausea, relief can be found from the use of cayenne pepper. It has even been shown to help ease flatulence, tonsillitis, tremors, and sore throat. Surprisingly, it can even help stomach ache and diarrhoea. There’s not much this herb can’t do.

In your quest for greater health and well-being, consider adding herbs to your diet. These 3 herbs are just the tip of the iceberg; there are many more. A well-stocked supply of herbs in your home might do more to aid your health than a cabinet full of medications. To view one of the largest inventories of herbs online, visit The Herbal Connection at http://herbalconnection.com.au/. The website is also a wonderful educational resource for those wishing to learn more.

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