3 Natural Ways To Get Rid of Flies From Your Home

Flies are a nuisance we have learned to live with in nature, but when they invade the privacy of your house, you want to set some boundaries. Aside from their annoying buzzing sound while they fly around your head, flies carry dirt and diseases all over your house. They feed on wastes and lay their eggs in rotten food or garbage.

Before you know it, having a couple of flies turns into an infestation. With colder days coming, flies find ways to enter your house where they hope to settle down for winter. Well, don’t let them! The exact impact flies can have on humans is unknown, so don’t take any chance and get rid of them!

The first step in getting rid of house flies is called inspection. This is when you inspect your house and try to figure out how bad the situation really is. Where, in your house, are most of the flies gathering? Check window sills, gaps around openings and areas like where you keep your garbage, either in the garage or in the back entrance.

Don’t forget the basement! If you already have a fly colony, you need to inspect where they might be breeding to get rid of their nesting spot. Flies go from egg to adult in about ten days, so you don’t want to waste any time figuring out where your flies are coming from.

The second step is to eliminate the fly population and sanitize your environment. You want to clean, disinfect, and sanitize your entire house, but especially the rooms where their presence is most prominent. The most natural way to get rid of one fly is to kill it. Aside from using barbaric, yet satisfying and effective fly swatters, there are many other products you can use for fly control. UV lamps are fantastic as they kill flies for you.

The insect is attracted to the light and gets electrocuted when it encounters current. Another way to trap flies is the old, but reliable sticky glue trap. Remember that brown tape hanging from the ceiling, covered with black flies? Not very sanitary, but efficient in capturing the culprits. Nowadays, fly traps don’t need to be so obvious and can include a variety of insecticides. After getting rid of as many flies as you can, clean, clean, clean.

When most, and hopefully all flies are dead, and the house has been thoroughly sanitized, you are ready for the last step; exclusion. This is when you make sure the kids don’t let the door open for too long when they run in and out of the house. This is also when you check the screens on your windows to ensure there are no gaps that would allow this pesky insect to return to your abode.

You want to make sure that your house is not an enticing environment for flies. Therefore, you take the trash out on time, you keep it clean and tightly sealed. Using these three strategies, you will enjoy a fly-free home.

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