Boldify Root Boosting Spray!!

Carol from Walking DeadRemember last month I told you I was seriously contemplating just going gray?  I was going to channel my inner Carol (from The Walking Dead).  Well, I did it.

Then I chalked it up to yet another one of those things that I did not completely think all the way through.

Things I ask myself now AFTER I cut my hair:

# 1. Really? BEFORE the holidays?!  Before Christmas photos??  REALLY!?!?

Boldify Root Boosting Spray

# 2. You have thin hair. You have thin, stick straight hair. WHY would you cut it this short??

# 3. Really? BEFORE the holidays?!  Before Christmas photos??  REALLY!?!?

# 4. You have no curl to your hair, it’s never gonna look like Carols!

# 5. Really? BEFORE the holidays?!  Before Christmas photos??  REALLY!?!?

Okay, hind-sight being as excellent as it is, that doesn’t change the fact that even my gal pal Deb, miracle hairdresser that she is, can’t fix this one!! Only time.

In the last couple of weeks my hair has grown out a little, it’s still really short but, I’m not still shocked when I see my reflection!

There are a few perks to having super short hair, first my natural hair color will show itself soon. It also only takes the tiniest bit of shampoo and conditioner. It’s gonna take forever to finish a bottle of shampoo!

Next, my hair is REALLY stick straight.  Second, I actually like the white. Not gray; my hair is coming in WHITE.

I’ve also learned that my hair needs product. Starting with Boldify Root Boosting Spray!! This spray adds volume but doesn’t weigh my hair down. The spray has almost the same consistency of a mousse, but not quiet as thick. Spray in towel dried hair and finger comb. I just scrunch and go. My hair is no crunchy. It’s not sticky or dry. My hair stays full of body. More importantly, my style stays PUT all day!!! I have volume! I have style!!  I have really, REALLY, short hair!! But, it does have style. Before Christmas photos??Constance! What were you thinking?!?!

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