Holiday Yard Light Show!

I’ve always wanted lights up on the house around Christmas; however; (this is a biggie!) I HATE HEIGHTS!!! I hate ladders. So my worst fears are number 1 going up and down the ladder several times to get the lights UP on the house. Basically, it’s not going to happen!
Then the whole bring them back DOWN or just leave ’em up and be THAT house on the block. So when I found the Lawn Lamp I knew I had the best of both worlds!!
six year old Alice went NUTS when this arrived. This is how lazy we are after arguing over homework (trust me the girl can hold her own in arguing!! Today?? Today’s demand for a sheet of math being completed was met with “WHY DO YOU HATE ME!?!?” Lord help me, the kid is only six!! I better be in Sandpoint, Idaho before this kid is 13!! So, back to lazy, we are in fact so tired, lazy (whatever!) that we stretch out on The Non’s bed and watch the different slides, then there is always a ‘guess which slide’ is next game. Then when it’s time for The Daddy to pick up the kid we are calm and friends again.
Laser light with 12 slides Christmas, Halloween and more
I’m hoping by Christmas I can actually put the Holiday Light Projector OUTSIDE!
This is our sample video of the lights in action, don’t worry the bright WHITE light is just the kid changing out the lenses.

The designs swim around wherever you shine the projector. Farther way the larger the coverage and the pictures.
The 6-year-old wants to put Halloween up and confuse the neighbors. I feel it will only validate they think we are the crazy house on the corner!
The cord length is 15 feet which is great for placing the light where we (meaning ME!! Where I want it!) outside.

All the holidays from Easter, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentines Day, Fall leaves, Halloween and Christmas are all included 12 cards total. My next set will be the D style! Many more designs including walking zombies!! There are 16 cards available in D style.


Fun set of holiday lights that doesn’t require a ladder!! My kind of decoration.

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