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3 Tips to Refreshing Your Skin During the Winter Months


The cold of the winter often affects the skin negatively. Low humidity and cold weather usually result in skin losing moisture. If you do not make an effort to protect your skin, by the time winter comes to an end, you will have dry, damaged skin. Unfortunately, most people are naturally more concerned about staying warm than keeping their skin healthy. That hot shower you turn to because of the cold, further dehydrates your skin. Measures such as adding collagen to your skin care regimen will help you to retain a firm and healthy skin during winter.

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Use an oil-based moisturizer

If you use the same moisturizer irrespective of the season, you need to find out if what you are using is helping your skin or causing more harm. During winter, an oil-based moisturizer is best since it helps to seal the moisture in your skin. A water-based lotion will expose your skin to further dehydration if you use it during winter.

Moisturizing your skin several times a day will help keep your skin healthy. Ensure you moisturize your skin soon after your shower. This helps in the retention of moisture and keeps your skin healthy. Any delays will lead to loss of moisture resulting in the drying and damage to your skin.

Use a humidifier in your home

During winter, most people find ways to keep their homes warm, including the use of furnaces. This increases the heat in the house but results in further reduction of moisture in the air. If you spend time in a room with the furnace on most of the time during winter, your skin is bound to start showing signs of dehydration. You do not need to compromise on warmth.What you need is to increase the moisture in the air around you. A humidifier is excellent for refreshing your skin during the winter.


Dead skin cells develop faster during winter compared to other seasons. Regularly moisturizing your skin without exfoliating will not be as beneficial to your skin as you expect. Moisture will not easily penetrate skin that is covered with plenty of dead cells.

For you to keep your skin refreshed all winter, get an exfoliating mask that is effective and gentle on your face, hands, and lips. It would help if you also got an exfoliating body wash for the rest of your body. Do not forget to moisturize your skin as soon as you are done exfoliating. Your skin is weakest at this point. It needs protection from allergens and irritants that could damage it. Water loss is also extensive when the skin is not protected.

As you find ways to refresh your skin during winter, it is critical for you to remain hydrated. Understandably, when it is cold many people drink less water. However, your skin still needs internal care. You will see the outcome of your efforts faster when you make an effort to drink water and use the above tips to rejuvenate your skin during winter.

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