3D Coin Art Empire State Building Review And GIVEAWAY!! #3DCoinArt

Do you want a family project that will have everyone excited? Check out 3D Coin Art.  As soon as this arrived my first thought was to go to the bank and fill this up with coins. But, to my utter amazement The Husband and I combined our coin jars and in less than 2 weeks we have enough quarters, dimes and nickels to complete our new 3D Coin Art piece.

Check out the  3D Coin Art!  Way better than a coin jar! It’s a puzzle and it’s art!! It’s a bank. NSI International is based in New York City and they have created the coolest way to show off $50! In coins! Empire State Building 3D Coin Sculpture!!


The puzzle is a heavy duty clear plastic with all sorts of small compartments and decks with full instructions how to create your model. I chose the Empire State Building. For New Yorkers this is probably old hat but I learned a lot of very interesting tidbits about the Empire State Building from this puzzle!  Did you know that the Empire State Building only took 1 year and 45 days to build! There are 73 elevators inside (but only 1872 steps?) and 6514 windows and whooping 17 million feet of telephone wire!! The sticker with all the information can be added to the base of the completed puzzle.

imageIt’s a puzzle! It’s a bank! It’s a model that you build with spare change! Introducing 3D Coin Art™ There are two puzzles available the 3D Coin Art US Flag Set OR 3D Coin Art Empire State Building. Each puzzle arrives with a coin tray so you will know when you’ve collected enough coins to build your puzzle. Want all your collected coins to be shiny and pretty? 3D Coin Art gives you a cleaning recipe in the instructions!!

The Husband was raised collecting coins; something that he passed down to our son and now it looks like to the Grandkids! This was a great family project. (Well, except that The Husband and The Son want to stop and examine each and every coin!! I finally had to yell Stop!!! Go away or I will never get this done!!) All in all though it was the perfect way to spend 9/11. Since you have a chance to sign a sticker with your name and the date the puzzle is finished it really was a fitting 9/11 project.

It took about 2 weeks of collecting coins and hunting everywhere for spare change in the house, car and on the sidewalks! There is a tray that you collect all your coins in before hand so that you the exact amount of nickels, dimes and quarters.
imageThe Empire State Building when it’s all said and done is 16″ tall and 9″ wide and a little over 2″ thick. Then once it’s full and on display it looks amazing!
imageThere is a complete set of the instructions that are also color coordinated so that even the youngest builders can help.
imageYou will need 123 dimes; 104 nickels and 130 quarters.


Our completed Empire State Building 3D Coin Sculpture looks amazing!

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